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Fellow modelers ! I’m pursuing this craft after a Hiatus of over 40 years , having to learn the new methods and techniques, experimenting with acrylics paint, diminishing eyesight etc..and several test pieces before embarking on what I would really like to build, I decided to make something small and possibly presentable.I came up with a kit from the same vintage as when I left off in youth.

I grew up in an apartment situated parallel to the approach of Oostende airport. This is the mid sixties here. I saw so many cool planes landing and taking off ! The mainstay of air traffic was BAF Carvairs, Bristol 170 , Vickers Viscount and yes, mostly British travelers arriving with their cars airlifted to the continent. The oddball was a ME-108 owned by a local man that ran a Go-cart and Formula VW race track on what we called the old airport.

One day there was a small air show with only 3 planes. His 108, a Belgian airforce Thunderstreak and a S-58 Choctaw SAR, I got to sitting in the cockpit... All the while the races going on ! A circus environment all having fun ! These were the golden years of no security you entered and just walked around freely.

All memories, but the 108 stayed with me. I wish I knew more about the owner. He was cool. He rode A Harley-Davidson with studded black saddle bags. Both machines rare and the character, part of an extinct species of men that dwelled in freedom.

This little model is not the greatest but it allowed me to at least get the air brush and paint , masking and primitive shading started. The decals are being sun bleached in a window. In the interim I scavenged the Balkenkreus and hooked cross from other kits.

On to the next models. My ambition is to get all the techniques down to be able to build models of amazing aircraft I saw then and that my father and Brother flew with and what I jumped out off.

Happy modelling !

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  1. Welcome back! You'll be an "old hand" in no time.

  2. Great story Bernard! Welcome back to the hobby, you will like this community. Groeten uit Waregem.

  3. What a great story ! Your 108 looks just as good as the story sounded.

    When I was a little kid, a man who we knew had a 108 Taifun that was stored under an awning alongside an agricultural building. The wings were removed from it and placed vertically in storage next to the plane. The wings were leaning against the wall of the building. Cattle would walk right up next to it and eat grass...and do what cattle do. You had to be careful where you stepped ! It eventually disappeared sometime in the mid to late 1970's...and I never found out what happened to it.

    Welcome back !

  4. Thank you Louis. Flying treasures are a hot commodity now.
    There has been so many artefacts discarded to make way for the new.
    I hope your ME-108 ended in good hands and not on the aluminium recycling scrap pile as many did. There may yet be some revelations coming from remote locations in the world.
    Your work is very nice !

  5. Welcome back Bernard, nice job on that little ME-108. Remember to have fun as you progressively build more kits.

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