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Myasishchev M-50 Bounder, Anigrand 1/144

The Myasishchev M-50 Bounder was a Sovjet bomber prototype in the late 50ies, see for more details.

The M-50 was Anigrand’s second resin kit, released in 2007. Casting quality is fine but adding filler, sanding, filler, sanding, … is a must. I reworked the front main gear according pictures and shortened the rear landing gear significantly to make the plane look right. I chose the early silver color sheme with the identification number 023, not the later designation 12 for the Tushino air show. A reshaped GPS antenna from Braz was used for the antenna housing on the fuselage because this is missing in the kit. It’s a huge model even in 1/144, about 40 cm long.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Wonderful Thomas, great work!

  2. Nicely done Thomas, looks good.

  3. Holy cow that’s cool!

  4. Super, i made some planes from Anigrand, your plane beautiful.

  5. That thing just looks wicked! Nicely done.

  6. This beast looks very futuristic, sleek, and pretty durn cool! But it must not have performed as they wanted.

    Great looking model, Thomas! NMF silver can be hard to do right but your work is excellent.


  7. Very 50’s sci-fi looking. The canopy and nose reminds me of the old Disneyland Tomorrowland TWA moon rocket. Well done!

  8. I always thought the engine pods looked odd because they don’t have an inlet spike like a B-58. I would like to get to Monino one day to see it and the rest of the museum.

  9. Thank you all for your nice feedback. There are not many pictures from M-50 flight test in the web but there is an impressive video on Youtube with M-50 footage, see

  10. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice looking model of a very rare subject.
    Very well applied use of the camera.

  11. Great job! I have one waiting for me in the stash. Been fascinating with this bomber (and T-4) ever since I first saw it in person back in 2007.

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