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Restoring an Old Friend. #2

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  1. Restoring an old friend.
  2. Restoring an Old Friend. #2
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Hello everyone, this is how my p-51 mustang restoration has been going. If anyone have not seen my previous post, it talks about how I’m restoring a old hasegawa p-51 mustang and has some pictures of the repainted cockpit. (I attached this post at the top.) In this post I’m showing how I had to replace the whole back of the p-51. So, in the first four pictures is the old hasegawa tail. As you can see the top of the tail fin is missing and the rudder is scratched( did not really come out great on th first picture, but after cleaning and with better light it is more visible) and missing the connection piece. Also, (you can’t see it in these pics) the back landing bay doors are missing. What I decided to do was completely remove the tail fin (which you can see in the fifth and sixth picture) and replace it with an old tamiya( 1/48 scale) tail fin, which is the bottom fin in pics 7 and 8. The only problem I could see with this fin was a tiny little gap by the landing bay doors ( picture 9), which was easily fixed with some A+B exopy putty. After this was fixed, I glued the fin onto the body of the plane and tamiya puttied it to match the plane hull. There is still some slight putty that needs to be done, but it is much better and easier the that old fin. Also, the more I look at it, the more I like the details of the tamiya fin. So, thought I would just bring everyone up to date with the restoration and how its going. The next thing to fix is the wings, which doesn’t look like an easy task. (Some pictures post below.) Thanks to everyone for reading/looking and best wishes to all.


15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. I have the revell b-25 and it needs saving. Your posts have inspired me to do so.

  2. That good to hear. Never throw away a model if you don’t have to. 😉

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