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Restoring an old friend. #3

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  1. Restoring an old friend.
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  3. Restoring an old friend. #3

Hello everyone, its been quite awhile since I’ve posted on the restoration project, so thought I would just give a update. If you have not seen my previous post on this restoration, I have them attached at the top and/or bottom of the page. So last time I left off, I said I was fixing the wings. They are about 80% done. I attached them to the body with Krazy glue (CA glue) ,which removed a bend they had in them. Then I had to fix the machine gun holes which were completely ruined, as seen in the first two pictures. I tried to fix these simply with some tooth picks ( seen in pics three and four), but fortunately I was able to find some old 1/48 p-51 gun barrels just laying in a spare parts bin, so I cut the old barrels holes out and replaced them (as seen in the fifth and sixth pictures). With some a+b exopy putty, these barrels were put into place, which was, for some strange reason, not a easy task. Then I gave them a slight airbrushing to see if there was any cracks in the puttied area. Now all that has to be done with the wings is the flaps, which I do not have any replacements for. Meaning I either have to try and fix the broken ones with it or make new ones out of wood, not a fun task. After that, I have to putty a few more areas, clean up the body, and re-inscribe some panel lines but then it should be ready for painting. So hope you guys and gals enjoy the update. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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3 responses to Restoring an old friend. #3

  1. I cant wait to see this finished. I really do think my old B-25 is going to have the same treatment soon…

  2. Quite an endeavor, nice progress.

  3. Thanks guys. Yes is quite an endeavor but its also very fun. 🙂

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