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1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 2

Enough of a rest, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not building anything, so I got stuck into the MB 326. I will be making both versions of the aircraft that were used by The SAAF. The 2 seat trainer and the single seat light strike version.

The fuselage molds are almost complete for vac forming, i need to check the final dimensions and do a little more sanding to get it just right. I am doing all the components separate so that I can use one fuselage mold and have the spine and cockpit separate to build the 2 versions.

Not too much progress, but things are going to start moving along at a brisk pace this coming week end,

So, if you are interested in the build,'' fasten you seat belts with the tray in the upright position, and hold on for dear life", I know I will...



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13 responses

  1. That already looks very familiar from my earlier efforts at scratchbuilding and vac forming. Always a pleasure to see the Jedi master at work. I always wonder where you manage to purloin all those fantastic scale plans that give you the full monty on the detail that most of us would have to guess at. Keep sanding! Paul

  2. Hi Marc, great subject! I just tuned in! Keep 'em coming!

  3. You are quite insane right? Just kidding, beautiful work and true model building!

  4. Like I said before - I'm strapped in and ready to accelerate with you!

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    I am already attracted to this one, third day straight … no electrical power failure ( hopefully they got it right ), I will be following this one as long as I can, thanks for the trip Marc.

  6. Looks like another epic build bud. Going to be very popular with the SAAF contingent. Its interesting to note that the SAAF boys flew these very basic aircraft on night Ops into Angola.
    I note that on the photo the jet has many of its hatches open. Will you be opening up a few of these? I know that you like all that detail.

  7. Can't wait for this one to reach completion. Another masterpiece in production.

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