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Another 1/48 Scale F8F-2 Racing Bearcat #10.

My first photo show's a black & white photo that I took out of Reed Kinert's air racing book. The paper back book had a red cover, but I don't remember its' name. I just cut out dozens of photos and scanned them into our Apple p.c. using an "Epson Perfection V500 Photo" scanner, which replaced our other scanner. After 100's of hours of scanning, the light burn's out and it's cheaper to buy a new scanner that send in the broken one for repair.

I used a Testor's kit with some "PE" cockpit parts. I have added some home made items like seat belts with "Waldron's" buckets. For some screwball reason I never took any "in-progress" building photos of the cockpit, nor the wheel-well area.

I drew a scale drawing of the number "TEN/10" and had the decals made for the tail-plane area by a modeling friend. The "id" letter's/number's for the wing came from my spare box of assorted decals. Looking back on this model I should have used a white letter on the blue paint on the wing.

As usual I write on one photo and add a "value price," and I tell people that's my starting sale's price and/or my price for my special insurance.

Next comes another racer which could be Bearcat, , 's, twin engine as I have 25 models in my "Race-Show" folder on this Apple desktop computer.
So this is it for this model.

POST SCRIPT: While looking at all the photos that I posted for this model I discovered a "screw-up" by me. The "I-D" number is "N7827C" on the Bearcat in Reed's book, but "DUMB-ME" I used "N7867C." I alway's gave this model a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, but now that has changed to a 5. Can't win them all and at 88.9 year's old with very shaky hands I would not try and change the "6" to a "2." Let's not forget that the value/sales price would have to be dropped drastically as "Who" would want to buy the model @any price when the builder put on the wrong "I.D." numbers?

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Slick. Love the Red/White/Blue. All good.
    Must do a reverse mortgage to buy.

  2. Love that high quality shine.

  3. This is another great looking plane Rodney. Don't worry too much about the decal number mistake. We all do things like that on occasion. It happens, and 99 percent of us wouldn't have noticed it, myself included.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Another great racing Bearcat, great job on the painting Rodney, nice shine.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments. I'll get the rest of my Bearcat models posted soon. Then I have another 200 models spread out among airplanes, cars, armor; etc:

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