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Revell 1/48 P-47N Thunderbolt

March 22, 2020 · in Aviation · · 21 Comments

This is my latest off the bench and one that gave me lots of problems. Most if not all of the issues were self inflicted. The kit supplied cockpit is OK but wanting more I found a True Detail set a.k.a. Victor, that I was really happy with and it fits perfectly into the fuselage. Since there are no locating points for either cockpit I squared her up using my M1A1 eyeball, then added a cross brace of Evergreen strip styrene to glue it in place. So far so good.

Now the problems, I was not happy with the original NMF, looked too toy to me, nor the blue I used for the tail and cowl. So off it came and I went with Alcad II semi-matte aluminum and acrylic Model Master Intermediate Blue. Much better, until I broke off the antenna as well as the tail wheel. Add some scratches to the paint and a little tab of glue on the wing and fuselage and my perfect model is completed. I've concluded this hobby could drive a sane person to go mad if you let it.

The decals are from Kits-World and represent a Jug flown by CPT Don Stuck with the 318 FG at Le Shima in 1945. The National Insignia are from Fundekals and the top coat is Testors flat lacquer from a rattle can. The wing tanks and center line hard point with shackles are from a kit. The center line hard point is not concluded with this kit and the Tamiya tanks have more detail than what's provided in the box. Antenna line is nylon thread, and I'm calling this baby done and on the shelf to view from 3 feet away. Stay safe my fellow modelers and take this time to reconnect with family and maybe get some bench time .

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  1. The cockpit looks really nice. Will keep that in mind for the future. I think you are selling yourself short here, the kit looks great and you have done a wonderful job.

    Well done.

  2. Hello Tom...That is one good looking Thunderbolt with a great choice of markings and a fine paint job. All very nicely done.

  3. That's a very fine job Tom. Looks very cool; nice NMF; fantastic cockpit!
    All the best!

  4. Looks good from here, Tom.

  5. Can’t remember building anything without a proverbial mistake(s) along the way. More than often I loose small parts or just spill something over, so don’t be to hard on yourself about it Tom. Let me just say that the Jug looks terrific, can’t spot any blooper from here. Now tell us, how do you come up with such realist propellers?

  6. Beautifully done beast! Great looking thud craft. Here's the T bolt at the Cradle of Aviation at Long Island NY. It's supposed to be the last one built. Can't get in in to verify because of the lock down. I go a little mad which each kit that I do. Hang in there every body, I hope I don't run out of glue!

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  7. Nice, Tom. I’m on a bit of a P-47 kick myself.

  8. Love a good Jug and that sure is.

  9. Your P-47 sure looks nice from here. I think we are often our own worst critics. You are too hard on yourself. It looks fine from here... I think we all have a kit that will fight us on occasion.

  10. That's a nice Jug - good-looking paint work. Nicely done!

  11. Very nice work Tom. Good looking big bird P-47N!

  12. Beautiful work, Tom. Some bumps in the road but what an outcome - great finish and cockpit detail to die for!

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