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This was a 1/32 scale “Revell” P-40E kit. I did something unusual by placing several hand made parts together then taking the photos. This was done because it cost money for film, film developing, postage. I had spent more than USD$400.00 so far that year on model photos. Thank goodness for digital photography a few years later.

My client sent me a few photos of a restored bird that was at what we call a “Fly-In.” I had no cockpit photos nor did I have any books on the real WW-II P-40E airplane. A fellow modeler from the IPMS/USA San Jose, California club that I belong to gave me a print of one wheel well that showed the area where the strut was attach to the gears that turned the landing gear to a 90 degree when the unit was folded up into the wheel well. Take your time and study each photo and count each rivet that was put into the plastic using a sharp pointed needle in one of my pin vises, then go build it.

There use to be a “P-40 Warhawk” web site that contained lots of data, plus several model stories by different builders so try going to: “” and see if the site is still on the internet.

Scratch build #3 will be here soon!

Now it’s time for my breakfast and watch my morning TV program “Lets Make A Deal.

32 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses to SCRATCH BUILT Part 2

  1. Thanks Rodney! Amazing info as always!

  2. Hey Spiros!

    I just tried to access my old friends “” web site and it’s not on the web anymore and his email address is also gone.
    I just found my P-40E landing gear drawings so I’ll post them soon. RJW

  3. The gear leverage is unbelievable. Amongst others…

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