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Strv m/40 L (IBG 1/72)

This Swedish tank in a small 1/72 scale was just a weekend build. As a mainly aircraft modeller, from time to time I build AFV just to not get bored, and to learn something new. For example, currently I use B&W technique for the cockpits in 1/48 while originally this method was established for painting tanks in German grey color. And also I like painting, so adding all of that highlights, scratches, strokes, dirt and mud was a real fun. The IBG kit is simple and straightforward, no aftermarket, no scratch building – just gluing and painting. The hobby.

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14 responses to Strv m/40 L (IBG 1/72)

  1. Looks great Dmitry and thoroughly detailed despite its small size. I practically have no experience in armory, but I like this a lot.
    All the best!

  2. It’s the first time I’ve learn about this tank existence, given the writings On it, is it a Spanish Civil War machine? Anyway it’s very impressive, looks bigger than the scale in certain photos something that always gives me certainty that the model is extremely well achieved. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nicely done Dmitry.

  4. Nice work. The tracks are very well done, which is usually the weakest point of 72 scale tanks. Also nice to see an unusual subject.

  5. The match stick is the only thing that gives the scale away, great work!

  6. Excellent work!

    I built that tank a while ago and it’s a really great kit.

    Cheers from Sweden

  7. Very nice work on the little Stridsvagen Dmitry and great to see it in these rarely seen Dominican markings. I love these little IBG kits, even though I’m normally an aircraft modeller as well.


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