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Teeth & Fang GB Wrap-up

After 8 months running, this Group Build, dedicated to all fiercely looking jaws that embellished weapons from the dawn of mankind up to the present day, comes to an end over the last day of February.
Some 38 iModelers joined the group but only 10 actually went ahead with work in progress threads.
Some made it brilliantly, others not so…

Here’s a quick gallery of the projects that were made and presented in these pages:

1-Tom Bebouts P-40 N “ Rosie the Riviteer”

Perhaps the epithet of sharkmouth fighter planes, great work as usual Tom!

2- Dmitry Stopalov Let Z-37T “Angry Farmer”

A real gem that I dare asking who knew the plane or the model even existed?
Truly spectacular model Dmitry, thanks for choosing it!

3- Andrew H A-36 Apache

Another great model and a lovely sharkmouth. What’s not to like? Thanks Andrew!

4- Allan J. Withers Spitfire Mk.VIII “The Grey Nurse”

Perhaps one of the most known Spitfire, that Allan did full justice.
Additionally Allan also presented…

5 – Allan J. Whithers Bell AH 1G Huey Cobra

You are a prolific modeler indeed Allan. Great work bringing something that flew without wings, and also for picking an old kit and building it so nicely. Thanks Allan!

6- Glenn Virgo AH-1H Super Cobra “Update”

One of the most amazing strike helicopter model I remember seeing here.
Coming to the GB at a later stage didn’t stop Glenn to build this beauty, Thank you Glenn!

6 – Robert Royes QF-4 N Phantom “ the last navy Phantom in service”

Last to make it but not the least interesting subject, no sir. Great work Robert, you sure pleased the Phantom die-hard crowd out there!

Now the small group that started a model but somehow never got to finish it at the deadlines:

“The Orca”

David Leigh-Smith unfinished project that is a cross-over from his own GB IModeler at the Movies. Wonder if you will present Quint’s ship, the nemesis of Jaws, sometime soon David?

Speaking of Jaws, Louis Gardner B-24 “Tubarao”

was without a doubt the most ambitious project presented in the GB WIP pages, and Louis managed to keep adding more and more layers of true to scale details that will undoubtably produce a stunning B-24 model, not only because of the fancy artwork this plane has, but because of all the details he put in so far. Hope to see that bomber built sometime soon my friend!

A “what-if?” RAF F-111K SparkWeasel

was put to the WIP pages by Ian Foulkes. Hope to see this one also on the Highlights soon Ian!

Finally my own project, the all black bf.110 also remains a work in progress

. Why you may ask? One is because the model and the chosen livery gave me more headaches than anticipated, but second and mostly, my failure with the deadline comes from the same old excuse, life issues.

Thank you all that participated, either building a model or putting some encouraging comments!

8 responses

  1. Excellent all !

    Certainly quality, if not quantity. Thanks to everyone who participated!

  2. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Interesting builds as well as the subject.

  3. I just love Dmitrys AG plane, Loius Gardner adding acres of plastic to acres of plastic to reach B-24 heaven, Allens always great builds and Pedro I am sorry I came to this site too late to participate however I have a Monogram PBY-5A that I am still struggling to paint in who knows how many shades of black/ really dark grey to look realistic that will be finished one day and life being life will always do that to you. The PBY-5A doesn’t have teeth but it keeps biting me!

  4. Thank you everybody for participating!

  5. Hello everyone !!! I especially want to thank our friend Pedro @holzhamer
    for hosting group build, and for the opportunity to make a go of completing something in time.

    Unfortunately as others have mentioned, I also had numerous run-ins with real life getting in the way of the B-24 build “Turbarao”. Pedro extended the length of the group build in an effort to allow us to complete our projects in time.

    I feel that I have let a lot of people down by not completing the B-24 by the deadline.

    Part of this was due to “life”…………. the other part of it was due to me………..and by that I mean by having too many projects going on at once. I have learned a valuable lesson from this. By trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one, especially yourself. If I didn’t have so many model builds going on at the same time, I most likely would have had the B-24 completed, or at least close to it.

    Another thing that caused the incompletion of this model was my choice to super detail the landing gear wheel well areas on the B-24. This was something that I would do again as I have learned so much during the process. I also had a lot of fun doing the research for my work on “Turbarao”……….. and was very fortunate to use a real life 1 to 1 scale B-24 as reference material.

    I will continue on with the B-24 build and post updates as they are done. So please stay tuned on this one, and accept my apologies for not completing the model in time.

    There have been a lot of excellent models that were built as part of the group. They are all very good, and it would be too hard for me to pick a favorite……………We are very fortunate to have a lot of talented individuals who share their work here on Imodeler for all of us to enjoy.

    Thanks again Pedro @holzhamer
    for hosting this group build, and thank you all for participating.

    It will be nice to see your Bf-110 in the headlines section. By the look of things, you don’t have much more to go and it should be done……… It already looks fantastic.

  6. I hear you Louis @lgardner !
    Am confident that the 4 incomplete models of this GB will make it to good port sooner or later, and one of those is your B-24.
    And don’t tell anyone but I have a poor track record when it comes to build with deadlines 😉 so it’s better that the fault lies in having too many projects on the bench, than just being a bit lazy or bumping into several recurrent self induced build faults… but that’s me.
    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  7. It was a great GB project and I enjoyed following along. Some great models got across the finish line (or the not-so-finish line!). Well done everyone.

  8. Fun project Pedro, glad I was able to complete and contribute my P-40N. Some really nice toothy builds were submitted and I look forward to seeing that 110 completed.

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