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My first photo show's the "tail plane" on the F2G B.U. #88454 stationed at the Doug Champlin Fighter Museum in Mesa, Arizona. I spent several hour's taking photo/s and measurements. I have a 1999 date written on other photos which puzzles me as the first date is way back in 1986. We have a date separation of 13 years so it's time for me to explain how I made the parts. My 2nd photo show's several cast resin parts that I had Roy Sutherland cast for me. These parts were "excellent" and had no bubble's in the resin. Roy has a cast resin business called "BARRACUDA."

I cut the long trim tab into and then made the raised white styrene parts that had pre-drilled holes in them. I made and installed the other parts that fit on the elevators which were super glued to the resin parts. I hand crafted the push rod's out of some brass rod and drilled holes in the end and inserted the white styrene rod's. The rod's were cut to length then I heated the ends with my soldering iron which mushroomed them over holding everything together, yet let each tab move up/down and left/right on the rudder.

Looking back, I could have made all the push rods by using round styrene rod instead of the brass rod's.

Around the same time I connected with a guy who was working on "88454" as the Corsair was now living in the Seattle, Washington/USA area. He was helpful on my behalf and I received these excellent photos from him. As ever...enjoy and build some trim tabs for your models. RJW...

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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