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1/48th F-15C Eagle MSIP-II

Here are a few images of my latest project, the Great Wall in livery. This project is actually a kit-bash using Great Wall plastic and Monogram decals. The Monogram F-15 utilized the original F-15 tooling, and I wanted a more modern kit to display the decals. The Great Wall kit was superb, and the Monogram decals were spectacular. I always worry about large decals that cover a lot of surface area, but these were super easy to work with. They were extremely durable, a necessity when trying to slide them into position, but they conformed well to surface detail, so well in fact, they looked virtually painted on. The only recommendation I can make about them, is to be sure and use lots of water until they are positioned in the proper place. I used Mr. Mark Softer to set them.

I used the Eduard, self-adhesive cockpit set and I actually bought an Aires exhaust set, but didn't use it. The kit exhausts were so well executed, I thought they looked better then the Aires resin. I also worried the Aires exhausts wouldn't fit quite right, since they were designed for the Hasegawa kit. The only other after-market item I added to this build was a True Details, ACES II ejection seat.

The Mod-Eagle paint scheme that lies underneath the markings, turned out to be a big masking challenge, something I hadn't anticipated when I started the project. The Eagle's metal surfaces surrounding the exhaust area added to the masking complexity. This was a rewarding project, and I ended up with a nice F-15C sporting a very unique paint scheme.



5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great job! I love that plane.

  2. A superb built, Scott. Excellently put together. Great details (those exhaust nozzles among others). Correct posture of moving surfaces. Perfect paintjob and, of course, THAT decalling. I saw at the net a pic of the real bird flyover at Creswell Fourth of July celebration...your job is spot on!

  3. As a native son of Oregon I heartily approve of your markings choice! Beautiful!

  4. NICE, I like the scheme a lot. Great build!

  5. Nicely done Scott, you took the decal challenge and won my friend.

  6. Great Eagle, Scott. I've never seen that scheme before. Amazing that those are Monogram decals. Great Wall kits are superb and you have got the best out this one, for sure.

  7. Hey guys, thanks for all the nice comments. You're too kind.


  8. Monogram tends to make decals that are hardy, but can bed down well. Especially with their more recent kits. I was considering that Monogram rebox JUST for the decals in it- meaning I would not normally get an F-15 kit, but was thinking about that one, even though it was the older Monogram kit.

    Nice work on the Great Wall kit- I have 2 of their T-33 kit- need to build Them, but working from home at the moment with a painting commission looming over me in my free time from work- sigh. At least I am working and still getting paid, a lot of us are not fortunate enough to have that.

  9. Quite the colorful Eagle! Nicely done.

  10. Beautifully done!

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