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Classic Airframes 1/48 Blenheim IV.f, 404 Squadron, RCAF 1941

This is 1/48 Mk IV, Finished as a , , aircraft flown by Wing Commander Woodruff, and F/S Sims on 18 December, 1941, when they scored this units first air-to-air victory, a JU-88, operating out of Sumburgh, Shetland Islands.

The Classic's kit is a good basis to start from, but required a fair amount of work to complete as a Coastal Command Mk IV.f, as follows...

  • Vacuformed side windows with blisters, replaced triangular center window and oval side windows.
  • Add wedge shaped rear view mirror
  • Detailed cockpit with many scratchbuilt parts (throttles, area behind seats, rudder pedals, sidewalls, belts etc)
  • Scratchbuilt rear turret twin Browning .303's, ammo belts, turret lower section etc.
  • Detailed engines with cowl exhaust ring, exhaust pipes, cowl braces, oil sump, flame damper exhaust
  • Rescribed airframe, deepened and corrected flight control scribing, and added actuators and control cables
  • Scratchbuilt belly gun assembly and blast plate
  • Detailed landing gear and wheel wells, added BarracudaCast wheels
  • Added all nav lights and landing lights
  • Finished with Tamiya Acrylics, weathered with enamels, pastels, and prismacolor pencils
  • Decals from kit, Xtradecal squadron codes, Aviaeology serial numbers

24 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Beautiful Work! Excellent build in the cockpit and nice touches of added detail along with an overall beautiful finish. Very nice job indeed. Love the work on the engines I think it really makes a difference in the nacelles.

  2. That is an extremely well built model, of a difficult kit, Colin. Beautiful detail and weathering.
    Got myself the same kit, thinking of finishing it in Greek markings.
    Congratulations, my friend!

  3. Superb finish really brought to life by fine photography! I like the rich tones of the Coastal Command paint scheme you chose. As a Canadian, I also appreciate that it is done as an RCAF aircraft. Flawless masking and paintwork on the complex greenhouse transparencies. Thank you for posting the in-progress shots of the build and close ups of key details. It is good to see how you did the engines, interior, cannon pod and vacuform elements. I built the CA (former Cooper Details) Whirlwind in 1/48 a few years back and was disappointed to find the canopy has now badly yellowed. Do you have your own vacuforming set-up, either homemade or commercial? If I could understand how you did it so well, maybe I could save that build.

    • Thanks, I used a commercially available 'Dental vacuforming machine' that I got off Amazon. For your Whirlwind canopy, Barracuda used to sell a replacement he made for the Cooper kit (very nice) if you can find one, and there's a fellow on Ebay (109ace) that has canopies and resin molds for sale. (search for - Westland Whirlwind 1/48 Vacuformed canopy replacement for Classic Airframe)

      • Thanks, Colin! I quickly found the products you indicated after a search on I really appreciate the advice. Maybe I can salvage the Whirlwind after all! Happy modelling and stay safe.

        • Colin
  4. Thank you for doing this. When Airfix releases their Mk. IV next year with all that already done in the box, your effort will be rewarded. 🙂

    That's a lot of work, but a great result.

    I did two of those C-A Blenheims - what a pig when it came to getting things together! You're to be commended for stubbornness.

  5. Colin, A real beauty. I always thought this was a very interesting looking aircraft (I actually have a wing cigarettes card of it, remember those). A very nice build, that obviously took a lot modeling skill and work. Well done !

  6. Great job on a real PIA kit Colin.

  7. Masterpiece work, a splendid model from a less than friendly kit, it’s hard say what’s best about your Blenheim- the paintwork, the cockpit or the fabulous scratch work

  8. Beautiful. Love to see CanCon.

  9. Superb. All that effort certainly paid off.

  10. Excellent work Colin, I've read nothing but bad reviews about this kit. You have masterfully conquered a pigs ear and seriously make a silk purse out of her. Well done.

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    said on April 11, 2020

    Fantastic, much enjoyed!

  12. Lots of work, but it paid off, looks great!

  13. Colin, your work is always a treat and I take the time to study your photos and look at the precise use of paint and glue you use to make these jewels that we call models. Two thumbs up looking forward to seeing your next master piece.

  14. Looks really good! Well done.

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