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Mitsubishi F-2B

Hasegawa 1/48, out of box build using modelmaster enamels and DXM decals

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Mitsubishi F-2B

  1. Nice work. What specific MM colors did you use and how did the decals perform?

    • Thank you.
      Light blue was 2031Blue FS35109
      Dark blue was a mix of blues,, insignia, blu Angels and dark sea blue. Did calculate the ratios, just tried to get as close as possible to photos.
      Mr Hobby Color and Mr Paint currently offer both colors as a single package.

  2. Completely and utterly stunning! Fantastic!

  3. Nice mate, love the colours.

  4. That is one outstanding paint job. Nicly done.

  5. Man – you and I must have been twin sons of different mothers, after seeing your last several builds! I just finished this in 1/72. Your paint work is fantastic – the 2-ocean blue is such a cool scheme.

  6. Love the subject matter and a great paint scheme!

  7. Excellent build Joseph! The paint scheme is very appealing and you executed it with excellence!

  8. Fantastic build!

  9. Another wonderful paintjob.

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