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My Anzac Day Tribute

Here in Australia it is Anzac Day, 25th of April.
Here is my small tribute to the Men and Woman who served, fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
Lest we forget.

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses to My Anzac Day Tribute

  1. Nice collection and a nice tribute as well. Well done.

  2. Nice work Michael

    Lest we forget…

  3. Very fine work and tribute!

  4. Excellent tribute collection of ANZAC nations.
    In 2005, I was in Baghdad, working as a “contractor”. On ANZAC day, one of my “Kiwi” friends told me about a ceremony that was going to take place at sunrise, at the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” memorial, so we decided to go. The memorial is a very nice structure, and is located near “the Swords”, Saddam’s parade ground. We arrived to see quite a gathering of vehicles and personnel, most of whom were ANZAC’s (Kiwi’s and Aussies). The sun was just rising, and a Kiwi named Rocky started the event by saying a few words of remembrance. This was immediately followed by about 50-60 people performing the “Haka”. I stood there in awe of what I was seeing and hearing…it was absolutely perfect.

    Of course, I have a snippet of video of this event, but, it is lost somewhere in all of the junk that I have. Still, this event was memorable, and was a fitting tribute to all past (and present) ANZAC warriors.

  5. Well done Michael !!

  6. That’s a great collection, amazingly built, Michael.
    My deepest respect to all those who offered their lives!
    All the best!

  7. Thankyou Spiros. Much appreciated.

  8. Great work, Michael. Best regards from the United States. Lest we forget.

  9. Thanks John. Cheers mate.

  10. Michael @mbwoodgate, Nice set of kits and a great tribute.
    Regards from Texas.

  11. Great collection! Especially love the Sopwith and the Spitfires.

    Brian Riedel

  12. Michael, @mbwoodgate
    What a magnificent tribute is shown through your collection. It pleases me that the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice are honored in such a way, every year by the fine folks in your Country, much like what we do here in the USA on Memorial Day. What saddens me is how for a good majority of the people here in the US, our Memorial Day has simply become another “Day off” from work. I believe that the vast majority of the population here don’t even have a clue as to the actual reason why this special day is celebrated.
    War is a horrible thing, and anyone who has ever experienced it will not ever be the same again. If a person has seen death, in any form, for any reason, they are forever changed. This includes the men and women in Law Enforcement, the Fire Services, EMS and anyone who can be considered a First Responder. Watching someone take their last breath is not something you cherish.

    As a former Army veteran, Firefighter and LEO, I thank you for remembering those who gave everything, so that we could enjoy the freedoms we hold so dearly today. I have always said that freedom is not free. Someone paid for it, and all too often it was paid for in blood. Too many times family members back home have been notified that their son, father, brother (or in more modern times) their mom, sister or daughter paid the ultimate price in some foreign land and will not be coming home. It is much worse for the families that never received closure because their loved one was never returned home and remained listed as “Missing”. War is a horrible thing.

    “Lest we forget”. Thank you.

  13. Thank you Louis for your powerful words. After I read your comment I was left speachless, they are all so true. Here in Australia, because of the coronavirus all major commemorative Anzac Day activities were cancelled. So people had to find other ways to remember those who served our country in war time. Families gathered at the end of their homes driveways with candles lit in the predawn darkness waiting for the dawn sun to rise and those who could play the bugle or any other instrument played the last post.

  14. Great ANZAC day tribute, Michael. I am especially impressed by your biplanes. I went back to look at the original articles you posted on these. Excellent work.

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