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Now that’s Italiano! Mc.202

April 27, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

Regia Aeronautica are some of the prettiest camo schemes. Mc.202 with FM details cockpit, engine seen through the wheel wells. Nice change from the kerosene burners I normally build.

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16 responses

  1. superb job on the camouflage!

  2. Agreed! Great job on the camouflage John @raptor01 and the base is excellent as well. Question, did you mask the camo or freehand?

  3. Very nicely done! I also love the Italian schemes, and you nailed it.

  4. Love the 202 and your build does in justice.

  5. Wonderful paintwork. Those figures are superb. Good work all around.

  6. Lovely piece. Amazing little story going on at the landing strip. Very nice ground job.

  7. Some of the prettiest and most challenging camouflage patterns indeed! And you did a great rendition of one right here. Congrats!

  8. Bellisima! And the figures are so well done!

  9. That's a beautiful build, outstanding camo and figures, John!
    Che bello aereo!

  10. They all said it - well done indeed!

  11. Well done John! And free hand camo as well, you sir are the man. That's a good looking base too.

  12. G'day John,
    Did you paint sand on green or green over sand? Either way, it is a great paint job.
    It can be difficult to get a realistic look with this type of scheme as the temptation is to paint the blobs in a too ordered fashion, but yours look nice and irregular.
    I built one of these 15 years ago and still remember how much I enjoyed it.
    I have another plus a Veltro to build one day.
    A beautiful rendition of a beautiful aircraft.

    • Thanks Michael! I sprayed the brown first, then the green in an interconnecting pattern, then adjusting the brown chips until satisfied with the look, if that is possible. This was the second time using the H&S Chameleon AB that I bought last year. It does really well with Gunze paints when you get the viscosity ratios sorted. The first one was my Ju 188.

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