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Part 4 Final F2G Corsair

I studied the tail wheel photo that I had, then looked at the tail wheel parts that came in the kit. As you can see I only used the kit’s tire and the “U” bracket.
It was “cut and fit” a few times and after it was all put together it looked like the color drawing that I used for a guide. I even built in the inside of the tail wheel housing.
Like always, I had no measurements.

I’m a bit puzzled as I have two different tires and I know one of them came from the kit. 2003 is a long time ago, so maybe I hand crafted one out of thick white styrene sheet material. The 3rd photo shows enought parts to make another tail wheel. The extra wheel system is painted, however the one that is installed into the kit is not painted. The photo also shows that I hand crafter the tail wheel doors.

Enjoy: Rodney

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

2 responses to Part 4 Final F2G Corsair

  1. Great info, Rodney.
    All the best, Sir!

  2. I wrote “resin” shank on the paper print image, but I made the shank out of aluminum tubing.

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