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Survey: New kit release “wish list”

Now with the "virus" running rampant, it has caused many of us to stay at home. Some of us are working from home while others are following advice and trying to remain healthy. Then there are some who are at home because they are recovering. If you fall into this last category, I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery. For those of you who are out there working and keeping the infrastructure up and going, Thank you ! Please stay safe.

It is natural for us to think about different things... so what do you think are some kits that you would like to see a main stream model company release next ? Lets have some fun with this. Do we really need another BF-109 ? Probably not, but hey why not ? Variety is the spice of life they say.

My wish list included the original Vought XF4U-1 prototype, and the Mitsubishi G3M "Nell", both in scale. Now after reading some of the responses, I will expand my wish list to include a 1/48 scale early B-17, like a C or D model with the older odd shaped rudder and fin, and an E version would also be nice. Then keeping with the Empire of Japan theme, I'll toss in a new tool E-15 "Jake" sea plane. The older Nichimo kit had a battery compartment where the cockpit should be...

Your answer isn't limited to just one... you can have several choices. As many as you want... Please list the type of model and scale that you would like to see released.

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76 responses

  1. A 1/350 Baltimore (Trumpeter's been teasing us for years.)
    A 1/700 USS Enterprise CVAN-65 with the old style island (Dragon's been teasing us for years.)
    A re-release of the beautiful 1/72 Hase B-26?
    A new CF-100 Clunk 1/72 or 1/48 (on the list but a long shot as probably not gonna happen.)
    An injected plastic 1/32 P-6E Hawk.

    That's my list.

  2. Good subject, Louis! I'll add my two cents:
    These choices exist but I think could be updated to newer standards and better accuracy:
    1/48 F4U-4, Corsair
    1/48 ME-163, Komet
    1/48 Ryan NYP (Spirit of St.Louis)

    Fortunately still working. Stay safe fellow iModelers. KEEP IT FUN!

  3. Agree with Dan, a new 1:48 CF-100

  4. I'm looking forward to Modelsvit's F-82, sooner than later.
    A new tool 1:48 OV-10 would be welcome (KH or Roden maybe?)
    A new tool 1:48 F7U, seems to be popular among the crowds..
    Detailed 1:48 F11F

  5. 1/72 F-4H Phantom prototype.
    1/700 Essex class carrier, angle deck, Vietnam era.

    • Ah yes, I second a good SCB-125 Essex. I think the Mfr's are hesitant.. likely because there were various inclusions and exclusions in the modifications over the years... ie, they aren't as easily profiteered by just reusing molds... that's my thought anyway, just thinking? Look at Dragon's illusive CV-36 kit.. it's the only angled deck Essex they've produced (so far), and it's only the tip of the iceberg.. Probably because they could get away with reusing the hull of the other kits.

  6. 1/48:
    Vultee Vengeance
    Fairey Battle
    Supermarine Scimitar
    DeHavilland Sea Venom

    Avro Lincoln

  7. 1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-21 (good luck)
    G3M2 Nell (better chance)
    B-17 C/D (NO chance)
    Vultee Vengeance +1
    Fairy Battle +1
    1/32 Proper P-35A
    New tool Ki-43 Hayabusa (Ki-43-1) or 2 or 3 or all
    Better than Trumpeter (long tail) P-40F
    1/35 (or better yet,1/16) Matilda Mark I (Most Wanted) If they can make EVERY obscure German vehicle, they can do this. It fought in France, after all.

  8. I want one of these in 1/72 lol.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  9. The modelers wish list is almost like a Christmas decoration, we get several whenever a new year is around the corner, still why be orthodox all the time, right?
    Here’s my small 1/48 list :

    • Hampden
    • B-26 (any version, because I’m not picky)
    • 109 K (seems Eduard will be releasing it 2021)
  10. I am sure there are others that I would like, but I had three in mind and found out that one has been released recently already. I would like to see a new tooling kit for:

    1/48 - Vought OS2U Kingfisher
    1/48 - Grumman G-21 Goose

    Frankly I don't know why there hasn't been any done already. Both these kits are historically significant aircraft, offer wide variety of colorful markings, and would be fun interesting builds.

  11. Now That I am building my first MENG kit, I am hungry for more. Thinking of building their crack at the Leopard 2 A7 at some point. Seems to be a real nice kit of what appears to be one of the best MBTs around. For the remainder I have got enough projects already ready for the bench so do not plan to buy any kits soon.

    Apparently, I seem to have one of the first armor entries on this thread! Sigh! 🙂

    Stay safe guys!

  12. I'm with John Healy , Supermarine Scimitar 1/48 and Hampden 1/48, Oh! and a 1/48 Buccaneer

  13. All in 1/48,
    Breda 88
    Northrop N3PB
    Vultee P-66
    Heinkel 112

  14. 1:48 Republic Seabee
    1:48 Supermarine floatplane
    1:24 1970 or 1971 Oldsmobile 442. Hardtop and convertible. Cars are fun too!

  15. Good thread Louis,

    updated P-63 Kingcobra
    2nd on the early B-17's
    P-59 Airacomet -old Hobbycraft kit is fair,
    Bristol Beaufighter Mk.II powered with the Merlin engines and straight tail

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  16. Great subject. Heres mine.
    Everything in 1/48
    Prototype Spitfire
    B17 d/e
    And Airfix seem to be covering some RAF subjects so perhaps they see this untouched gold mine. Fingers crossed.

  17. Non-specific support vehicles and trailers 1/48 to go with the planes. Especially ordinary cars pressed into service. There are a lot of AM resin to convert the Tamiya offerings in quarterscale, but what about an aircraft heater for that easternfront 109? Or the mandatory oil cart. those are at top, then in no particular order;

    1/48 Jeep re-release

    1/48 MG B or Austin 7 to go with a Hurricane

    1/48 Arado 234 updated

    1/48 Avia S-199

    1/48 UME 109 (Yugoslavian two-seater)

    1/48 Cessna 172, various versions in better versions than the ones available

    1/72 Twin Otter

    1/48 Twin Otter

    1/48 Cirrus SR-20/22

    1/72 bombers converted to airliners

    • to name the most urgent in my humble opinion
  18. My two cents:

    New tool 1/48 B-26 Marauder in both early and late models
    1/48 scale PT boats, Higgins and Elco
    2nd on the Beau Mk II with the Merlin engines, 1/48
    1/48 B-32 Dominator
    A good 1/72 Boeing 727-100 / 200
    1/48 F-82 twin Mustang
    1/72 b-52b / c
    1/24 Pontiac Trans Am 1970 - 1976
    New 1/72 H6K Mavis and H8K Emily flying boats
    1/72 Boeing 314 Clipper
    1/48 Focke wulf Ta-154

    I'd better stop now...

  19. What I look out for with every new list:
    1/32 P-51B by Tamiya - the Trumpeter kit fails on too many levels in shape (wings especially) there are sooo many versions you could do of this.
    1/32 Beaufighter new tool (with proper later windscreen)
    1/32 MiG-21 (again, Trumpeter got it wrong for me)
    1/32 Westland Whirlwind (the fighter, not the helicopter)
    1/48 B-17 new tool
    1/48 Handley-Page Halifax (FM kit will take me 20 years to fix)

  20. Hey Louis, I am so lucky that I don't have to wish for some model company to release a kit that I would love to build, just the cost of some kits make it prohibitive to validate that kind of expense, and another FW 190, Spitfire and Bf109, it just gets tedious to build the same thing over and over, I think that is why I started scratch building, take the next step, build a model from scratch, even if your first try does not work out exactly as you planned, try again. At least you can build the model you would love to have, in any scale. As for me, the satisfaction of building a model from scratch has renewed my passion for the hobby. If I had to make a choice of a kit, I would have to say a 1/32 scale Marauder. That would be cool.

  21. I concur with Colin. PLEASE, A 1:32nd scale P-51A and B-Are you listening Tamiya?

  22. In addition to my wish list this makes me also add a 1/48 B-17D and 1/48 Constellation. (Airliner, C-69 or C-121, don’t care!) My list as it stood, in no particular order….(All 1/48 of course!)
    PBM Mariner
    P5M Marlin
    AJ2 Savage
    P2V Neptune
    PB4Y-2 Privateer
    F11F Tiger
    JRM Mars (With options for any five USN or any of the three Mars water bombers.)

    AT-11 Kansan
    B-18 Bolo
    C-46 Commando
    B-32 Dominator
    B-45 Tornado (I wish I could find a Collect Aire kit.)
    B-66 Destroyer
    B-47 Stratojet

    (The Valiant is kind of the Jan Brady of the three and not high on my list, but all three V bombers in 1/48 would be cool!)

    I am happy with the way Soviet era jets are starting to pop up! For the longest time all I had was a Fitter, Fishbed and Frogfoot. Would like to see some heavy iron though!
    Tu-22 Blinder
    Tu-22M Backfire
    Tu-95 Bear
    M-4 Bison (HPH would probably be the only company to do this one.)

  23. For me: A really nice 1/32 FM-2 Wildcat

  24. After reading your responses, there are a few that caught my eye from these lists and added a few that were not mentioned...all of mine are 1/48 scale.

    These are in addition to the ones I mentioned in the article which were the prototype XF4U-1 Corsair and the Mitsubishi G3M "Nell".

    Vultee Vengeance
    an updated Fokker Dr-1
    early B-17 C/D or even a nice early E model
    Martin Mariner
    Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
    Martin MB-10
    Martin "Baltimore"
    B-18 Bolo
    B-26 Marauder
    C-46 Commando
    AT-11 Kansan
    Handley Page Halifax
    Short Stirling
    Waco CG-4 glider
    Airspeed Horsa glider
    Aichi E-15 "Jake"
    Lockheed Electra

    • Louis, there is one I have searched for more than once (only to realize I searched and there are none..) the Waco CG-4. I live very close to Waco's original base of operations, and would love to build a CG-4, or even one of their more well know civilian models.

    • By F-11, do you mean the Hughes XF-11? Because then we'd need Republic's XF-12 Rainbow to go with it. (If any plane can threaten the Connie's most beautiful propliner title, the Rainbow would be it!)Heck, just add these two to my list! (And a 1/48 Hughes H-1 as well please!)

  25. Nice topic. He goes in 1:48

  26. All the above (!), the Louis' @lgardner above mentioned mainstream 1/48 Martin Baltimore...with Greek markings pleeeeeease!
    A new tool Mirage F-1 wouldn't hurt (1/48 again).
    All the best, my friends!

  27. Good call!

    All in the only true scale (48, that is!):
    Type 300
    Type 224
    Fokker G1
    Curtiss AT-9
    Brewster Buccaneer
    Curtiss Demon
    Heinkel 100

  28. 1/32 or 1/48 Pfalz D-VIII
    New tool plastic 1/32 hawker Typhoon bubble top

    Brian Riedel

  29. Consolidated B-32 Dominator, Lockheed Hudson and a decent Dornier D0-17z, all in 1/48.

  30. How about some cars in 1/24, C and D type Jaguars would be cool.

  31. Saw some ships early in the replies, but I've always wanted a decent 1/350 Midway circa gulf war and a 1/350 Forestall Class.

  32. A bit esoteric, I'll grant you that:
    -A collection of starship parts, nurnies and greebles that aren't pock-marked resin or 98% flash.
    -A 1/72 Sidewinder from Elite: Dangerous (cmon, Airfix, this should be a no-brainer!)
    -1/72 Antonov AN-26 (sorry Amodel, I'd like something that doesn't have a butt-join between a circular fuselage segment and one that is oval)

  33. Not much room left for any more models. But I would snap these up if new tool kits were to become available:

    1/48 – Vought OS2U Kingfisher
    1/35 - Dodge WC54 ambulance
    1/72 - C-46 Comando

  34. Not that I don’t have enough kits already... and with this stay at home stuff, gluing together a lot of what I have started and others. I may run out of paint but I have enough glue...
    My picks:
    Tamiya... P-51B 1/32
    “. F8f 1/48
    “. Beaufighter 1/32
    “ B-26. Marauder
    Hudson. 1/48
    F11f. 1/48
    P6e. 1/32

  35. 1/72 RF-8 Crusader

  36. Let's see...
    I'll jump on the 1/48 early B-17 bandwagon.
    1/48 new tool early Mustang's. Eduard? Are you listening?
    1/48 Neptune.
    New tool 1/48 B-26, hello ICM?
    1/48 long tail P-40.
    I'm excited that Revell is bring a new tool1/48 SR71 out.

  37. Given all that has happened...

    I’d settle for a 1/32 Fokker Dr1 - a set of Moulds already exists in China - maybe someone will find a way to fill them with plastic!

    With best wishes to those who have left the jobs at WNW, here’s hoping!

    That aside I’d take a high quality 1/48 Vulcan and an extension to my house to keep it in.

    • Good thinking Paul! Those moulds WnW promised to deliver late this year MUST see daylight

      • Pedro, you may have seen these. Mike Swinburne was given the honour of building the Handley Page 0/100 for the WNW webpage. Here are his photos - he released them on a WNW fan page on FB now that the website will not be updated and WNW won’t sell the kit. In his view the moulds were in a state that could go to production now. And this was due after the Dr1. There is hope!

  38. Lot's of GREAT suggestions! Here's my 1/48th wish list, all without divots:

    1. Accurate P-80A / F-80B & C

    2. F-86A / E slat-wing Sabre

    3. Accurate T-33A

    4. B-25j

    5. Accurate F-86D / L

    6. B-17s - All versions

    7. B-24s - All versions

    8. B-29 / b-50

    9. B-47

    10. C-119

    11. Hudson / AT-18

    12. T-37

    13. T-28a

    14. At-9

    15. C-46

    16. C-47

    17. C-54

    18. P-47n

    19. At-11

    20. B-36

    21. Accurate F-84F, Early & Late

    UPDATE: I forgot! Up-to-date and accurate AT-6 / T-6G (a modernized Monogram kit)

    Well, they don't call it a "Wish List" for nothin!

    Cheers, y'all!

  39. In 1/48:
    CAC Woomera because I am, as always an optimist.
    Japanes multi engined aircraft.
    Early B-17's with early style tail.
    Martin Mariner.
    Martin Marauder.
    Curtiss Commando.
    And all the rest.

  40. Mike Keel and I are pretty much on the same line. I would add a 48th Grumman F9F-2 Panther. And a new -5 to update Monogram's excellent one.

  41. Fells like I have to come to support Michel's (@michel-verschuere) armor list here 😀 So here it goes:

    Autocar U7144 T/Federal 94x43 in plastic
    IHC trucks (M-3-4, M-5-6)
    M135/M211 2.5-ton truck
    M813 and M925 5-ton cargo trucks (come on, AFV Club!)
    M2A4 light tank
    Dodge M880 CUCV
    M1008/1009 cucv
    M1075 PLS (with all the HEMTT's Trumpeter already released it shouldn't be too hard for them)
    M114 afv
    A proper early cargo HMWVV (M998)
    And could AFV Club please re-release their Chieftain Mk.5/2?

    Blackburn Buccaneer
    FMA Puccara
    Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo (Special Hobby, please re-release it!)
    Curtiss SBC Helldiver

    Wickes class DD
    Clemson class DD
    Porter class DD
    Maham class DD
    Forrest Sherman class DD
    Pensacola class CA
    Northampton class CA
    Colorado class BB

    Shouldn't be too hard...

  42. All 1/72 Scale:
    HH-43F Husky
    P4M Mercator
    Sea Vixen

  43. Here is my list:

    1/32 Beaufighter
    1/32 FM-2 Wildcat
    1/32 P-40F Long Tail (not from Trumpeter)
    1/32 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
    1/32 dh. 4
    1/48 or 1/32 Bell X-2
    1/48 t-37
    1/35 M29 Weasel
    1/35 M18 Hellcat (accurate, to current standards)
    1/350 Atlanta Class Cruiser
    1/350 USS Chenango or Sangamon Class CVE

  44. Great idea Louis.

    My wish list is as follows, all 1/48th scale, and all manufactured by Tamiya.

    Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe (Zero floatplane).
    Avro Lancaster (New tool).
    Fairey Firefly Mk.5.
    Douglas C-47 / Dakota.
    Douglas A-1J Skyraider (New tool with wing fold).

  45. Late to the game...but hey it's nice to "vent" and see if any of the manufacturers out there are listening...

    My wish list, all 1/48...
    Bell P-59 (Got a hobbycraft kit in the stash, but think other companies might do better)
    Bell P-63A Kingcobra (C'mon Dora Wings! You know you want to...)
    Vought Kingfisher
    Vultee P-66 Vanguard.
    Boeing B-17A through E
    "Battle of Midway" version early B-26 Marauder
    Stinson L-5 in WWII markings
    Airfix P-51A, B, or C Mustang
    Curtiss P-36 Hawk (Something more modern than the hobbycraft kit, please)

    Really looking forward to Dora Wing's P-43 Lancer and Modelsvit's F-82 Twin Mustang.

    Also, as a shout out to all the resin aftermarket companies...There's a ton of older Monogram, Testors/Hawk, Revell, Arii/Otaki, Nichimo and Fujimi kits still out there...please make more cockpits and engines available to fit them...

  46. 1/32 Hawker Hart (Injection). Accurate 1/32 Razorback P51 (B or C). Reissue of Revell 1/32 Ju88, 1/48 Catalina, Mitchell and Marauder.

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