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1/32nd Scale Hun

My latest modeling project was the Trumpeter 1/32nd Scale F-100D, so I thought I’d share a few photos. It gave me the chance to hone my weathering skills as the unique F-100 heat distress around the afterburner area of the fuselage was a challenge. My technique involved priming the entire fuselage with natural metal paint; Tamiya lacquer from a rattle can. Then using acrylic paints, I airbrushed a yellow cromate layer followed by the regular camouflage scheme. Once everything was painted, I used Windex and water and with a small, stiff bristled brush removed the desired layers.

I also used the Zactomodels intake correction. This part, made of yellow resin, was flawlessly molded and fit perfectly; I highly recommend it as it provides a much more accurate representation of the F-100 intake. Just make sure that you modify the kit’s avionics bay to make room for the plug on the back of the resin intake. The plug creates a solid joint for the intake and ensures the plastic fuselage parts conform and match the shape of the intake. I forgot to remove the front portion of the avionics bay when I assembled the fuselage, which meant the perfect fitting part had to be be butt-joined, which was not the way it was meant to be installed. Ultimately, I created a lot of extra work for myself, because without the resin plug I had a hard time getting the fuselage contours to match the intake contour. Just once, I’d like to build a kit without making a stupid mistake, but they have become my personal trademark.

This kit was one of the best Trumpeter kits I’ve built. Everything fit perfectly. I was really fond of the surface detail, rivets and all. I used the kit decals which were also pretty good, except for some slight “out-of-register” issues with the national insignia. They reacted well to setting solution and there wasn’t a trace of silvering.

Except for the shape of the intake, this kit builds into a very nice Hun.



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6 responses

  1. That’s a great Gun, Scott, with a lot of quality work. Got the same kit and inspired to build it.
    All the best!

  2. A honey of a Hun! Looks great!

  3. Great Job! One of my favorites.

  4. Naming of this bird is a perfect match “Thor’s Hammer”.
    You did a great job Scott.

  5. Scott you knocked this one for a homerun! To me any model of a camouflaged F-100 has to pass one test. That test is the weathering of the paint on the aft fuselage due to the heat from the engine / jet exhaust. You passed with flying colors!!

  6. Nicely done! The rear section looks great.

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