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1/48 Hasegawa N1K1-Ja Shiden Model 11 Kou “Prisoner of War”

This is my entry for the Empire of Japan Group build. Really enjoyed the theme plus a great kit with few vices to worry about.

I added Master Barrels, QB exhaust and made pitot from brass tubing. Rest of kit OOB plus used the kit decals which worked really well with Mr Setter and Softer. Paints are Tamiya AS12, Alclad and Tamiya / Mr Hobby acrylics. I can see a whole shelf of similar captured aircraft schemes over the next few years…

Happy Modelling

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses

  1. Great looking aircraft Darren. I love captured aircraft. I have three built and another 10 in the stash. If you count aircraft that aren’t in their normal markings: British Thunderbolts, El Salvador P-51s, etc, I have another seven built

  2. Very nice. Especially the paint job, looks amazing.
    With these US markings it almost looks like a P47.

  3. That’s a splendid work, Darren. With those markings it’s trully outstanding.
    All the best!

  4. Cool, I like this!

  5. VERY cool, always one of my favorite airplanes. It looks spiffy in NMF/Murican markings, almost like a P-47N. Beautiful NMF paint job, congrats.

  6. Absolutely fantastic!

    Flawless paintjob and an interesting individual, Shiden and Shiden Kai is one of my favorite aircrafts.

  7. A fiest for the eye @darren-d. Very nice build, very nice pictures. Well done!

  8. Wow, that’s a beautiful NMF and a very unusual paint scheme for such plane. i like it a lot

  9. Congratulations Darren, that is magnificent!

  10. You nailed that NMF.

  11. Darren that is one smart,tight build. A Goldilocks build.
    I’ve seen photo’s of captured Shiden’s being prepared by Japanese mechanics and being flown with Japanese pilots for transfer to mostly likely an awaiting aircraft carrier to be ferried back to the states. They where still in Japanese markings with the stars and bars painted over the meat balls.

    Two thumbs up on this build. Looking forward to seeing more of your magic.

  12. Excellent job and beautiful model! painting is just perfect!!

  13. Great looking build!

  14. A real beauty! The NMF is fantastic, and what a great choice for a scheme to make this an unusual build. Well done.

  15. Alex said on May 28, 2020

    Superb job, really!! Bravo!!

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