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Amodel’s Yak-17 Feather in 1/72

Hi Builders,

After viewing Marvin’s excellent Sukhoi, I thought I’d share what I call my Bird of a Different Feather. This is Amodel’s Yak-17 which, until I spotted the kit, had never heard of before. The build had it’s challenges; nothing a moderately experienced builder can’t handle. It’s essentially OOB. I added some random bits to the cockpit to busy it up.

Paint is by Mission Models (MMP), which has a bit of a learning curve. Once I discovered you have to use THEIR primer (as far as I can figure), things went quite well. The Yak-17 was relegated to trainer status shortly after the ubiquitous MiG-15 proved its mettle. I wanted this plane to resemble a well used trainer, like the ones that used to put us fledgling airdales in our place. Thanks for looking, comrades!

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7 responses to Amodel’s Yak-17 Feather in 1/72

  1. Joe: you did an excellent job on this little Yak-17. I would really love to build one in 1/48th scale, but I don’t think one is made in 48th. The early Soviet jets are quite interesting, for sure. Again, excellent work!

  2. Great job, Joe! Got the KP Yak-23 (a derivative of the -17) to build, inspired me so!
    All the best!

  3. Great job on this! I also built a -17 in 1/72 a couple years ago. It’s a nice unusual subject for any collection!

  4. Impressive build, especially with these dimensions.

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