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70’s vintage Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-43 Hayabusa

Finished 15 years after her purchase is this Ki-43-II Hayabusa. The old Hase kit is really showing it's age, but now that I did all this work to this one, i'm sure a new tool release is not far off. It came with an photo etch set, I used a bunch of it on the interior and detailed that. Alclad II white aluminum base, JAAF Green camo. Finished as an airplane represented in the Japanese 1944 film, "Kato Hayabusa Sentai". NO decals were harmed in the making of this kit, all markings were sprayed on. In progress pics and the whole story can be seen in the "EMPIRE OF Japan" group build.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses

  1. Impressive build! Nice touch with the ox and farmer.

  2. Impressive build, I like the water buffalo and the girl for size reference

  3. It’s a downright beauty Bill, one of the best Hayabusa I recall. Congrats!

  4. Having followed your build from the start of the GB, all I can say is that it is a superb model, Bill!
    All the best!

  5. Very nice. I have a question though: you applied a wash, which I assume flowed well over the natural metal but I'm wondering about the green squiggles - did you use gloss, semi-gloss or flat? If flat, how did you get the wash to flow?


    • Richard I use homemade water based wash-acrylic flat black (not Tamiya), water and dish soap. This needs to be applied over an overall gloss finish. A flat finish absorbs the wash and does not allow removal of it from the areas you don't want it on. In this case I used Alclad's glosscoat over everything, it did darken the green a bit but that's par for the course. I just brush the wash along the panel lines I want to emphasize. It has some capillary action, but not as much as oils. Then after frying wipe off the excess with damp cloth or Q-tip. In the case of this model there are not a lot of recessed panel lines. Where I want to leave a hint of shading along a non-recessed line, I just paint a light line, and knock it back with light dry scrubbing. See the fuselage hinomarus and tail arrows.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Very nice job on that old kit! I built one in the 1980s, and remember having a lot of fun with it. Plus, the Oscar is such a great looking airplane.

    Nice to see this one!

  7. Absolutely stunning Bill - what a save! Who’d have thought any ’shelf of doom’ could yield up something this great. Actually, magnificent!

  8. Very impressive build.

  9. Great-looking Oscar, Bill!

  10. Great work, Bill! Love the water buffalo.

  11. Beautiful work. Especially the painted markings.

  12. Lovely metal finish and camo job!

  13. That kit's better than people give it credit for, and with someone like you on the job, a great result is definite. That really looks nice!


  14. Hey Bill, @billkoppos
    Nice job with saving another shelf of doom "Girl from Nakajima"...and I thoroughly enjoyed following your build journal on this one. Thanks for participating in our ever growing EoJ group. This is build number two for you now isn't it ? Plenty of time for more should you decide to have another go of it...

    It's very impressive with how you did the squiggly lines for the camouflage, and even more so because you painted on all of the markings. Building a good looking model in a bare metal finish is hard to pull off, and you did a fine job of it.

    Well done my friend, and a great big "liked".

  15. Beautiful job on what may be the most elegant radial-engined fighter of WWII.

  16. Great looking build - nicely done!

  17. Thank you, me talented colleagues, for the compliments! They are highly valued.

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