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Hasegawa 1/48 P-40K-1

Just another P-40 from the Bebout Curtiss Factory, this one from Hasegawa. If you’ve build any of their P-40’s you know they use various plug in parts, enabling them to produce several different P-40 versions using a base air frame. Many thanks to Mark Gran from helping me obtain this kit, one that I was having difficulty finding . You meet the nicest folks here on iModeler.

This model depicts a P-40K flown by Cpt George W. “POPS” Long assigned to the 66th Fighter Squadron, 57th Fighter Group, Tunisia, 1943. I assume the nickname was due to his age, probably in his 30’s. I was hoping to find a photo of Capt Long but came up short. However, I did discover he participated in the Palm Sunday Massacre on April, 18, 1943, thru unit documents which are attached. During this engagement he was able to shoot down 2 JU-52’s and damaged a Me-110. In May of 1943 Capt Long rotated back to the states.

Built mostly OOB I did however, add an Ultracast seat with hardness. The decal provided in the box was used for the IP. Unit marking decals were from Eagle Strike and reacted well when applied. Paints were Model Master Azure Blue, Middlestone and Dark Earth. I use a camouflage mask from Top Notch and it worked very well for me. Antenna wire is nylon thread and she was dirtied up using a brown Pitt Pen. Now that my Dull Coat has finally arrived I’ll be able to finish my Eduard P-400 and then the F4U-1 Corsair. With this shelter in place if you’re not playing with plastic you’re either eating or drinking Kentucky Bourbon.

Stay Safe.

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18 responses to Hasegawa 1/48 P-40K-1

  1. Nice looking machine Tom. Gotta love those Ultracast seats

  2. Thanks George and since I hate working with PE belts I do love those Ultracast seats

  3. Very attractive P-40 Tom. Camouflage looks great and I really like the base.

  4. Nice, as always, Tom!

  5. Fantastic build, story and research find Tom! Well done!

  6. Hey Tom! @tom-bebout

    Great to see the Bebout Curtiss plant is still turning out great works! I’ve seen a few bits about this particular plane and yours is a great representation of it.

    Bravo !!

  7. A Bebout beauty for sure with stand included, Nice!

  8. Another Bebout classic Tom @tom-bebout! I knew from the lead photo it was yours without reading the headline. Great looking kit as usual! Well done.

  9. Great P-40 Tom as always. Nice to have some history to go with it..

  10. Nice work Tom. I like this a lot.

    “Pops” applied to a fighter pilot in those days (where the average age was 21) of any age over 25. There were very few in their 30s, even in the upper ranks.

  11. Excellent work, Tom. Gotta love this Bebout Curtiss Factory!
    All the best!

  12. Great Warhawk and base too, looks good in B/W

  13. Another lovely Warhawk from the Bedout factory! Looks great!

  14. Playing with plastic is good even if some folks don’t get that.
    Another marvelous Hawk!

  15. She turned out nice Tom. Nicely done. : )

  16. I really like the P-40, and that is an attractive looking build. The desert scheme lends itself to weathering fun too. This is especially true for those that flew off of dirt fields. Nice build and markings. The cockpit looks good, like you could climb in go shoot down some Jerries.

  17. Nice work on my favorite P-40 variant, Tom!

  18. Looks like the Bebout factory has been rather busy……………. I missed this one from the front page of the headlines but its a real beauty.

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