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Hasegawa Spitfire MK XI PA-944

Another stash reduction build during the pandemic stay at home guidelines. This is my attempt at converting a MK IX into a MK XI representing PA-944 used by the USAAF. After seeing the documentary concerning this aircraft, and its pilot, I always thought it would be an excellent subject to build.

There's not difference between the IX and XI Spits the most noticeable being the vertical tail which the kit had in it's parts breakdown. So after sanding the gun wing bulges off I began the conversion process. As the pilot John Blyth stated his A/C had two vertical cameras so I drilled out their placement holes and inserted some lenses from the spares box. The hardest part is the canopy which had no forward bullet proof glass in it. I sanded off the framing and polished it to somewhat achieve the original look. Not totally happy with it but it serves the purpose.

Model Master PRU Blue enamel was used along with various enamel and acrylics for the cockpit. The IP is represented using the supplied decal. Since the side door is closed there's not much that can be seen of the cockpit except for the Ultracast seat. A black Pitt Pen was used to highlight the panel lines and I used Teckmod white letter and number decals for identification. They laid down extremely well with no silvering, I highly recommend them.

Stay safe folks.

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12 responses

  1. The Bebout Curtiss factory is now licensed to build Spits...and doing a fine job. Nice work, Tom

  2. Very nice Spit Tom, those PRU blue recon birds really have some character to an already awesome profile. Love the story as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another fantastic model from the Bebout factory! I loved the documentary too. Moving...

  4. Pretty in blue, looks great!

  5. Neat job Tom. Spits look great in overall PRU blue with the black and white stripes and you did great work on this. One thing that is really different from the Mk IX to Mk XI is the lower nose section of the engine cowling. It was deeper to accommodate a larger capacity oil tank that was necessary due to the Merlin being run flat out for long periods of time. Quickboost has a really easy resin conversion set for the Hasegawa kit and it's available on Ebay.

  6. Love PRU Blue Spits.

    That documentary is excellent. Watched it a few months back. I can just picture that lone Spitfire flying over Berlin, way beyond the normal range of the type.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. That is really cool! Great looking model and very moving mini doc.

  8. Outstanding Spitfire Tom, I like what you have achieved with the pen and the panel lines. Looking at the film and photos you've found a subtle solution to make a realistic model. It just has the feeling of a really accomplished build. Add the story to the beautiful plane and it is a great package!

  9. These PRU Spitfires look great, and your model captures that look very well Tom. The Bebout Curtiss Factory has built another winner here... You did a fine job with it buddy.


  10. Good looking Spit - looks great in that scheme and with US markings! Well done.

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