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Help needed please !! F.S. colours

Hi all, I am hoping someone out there can help me convert some F.S. colours to Humbrol or for my latest A4 project . I have an impressive decal sheet from Isradecal studio for an IAF scooter but they only quote the colours in F.S.
The numbers I have are :- 33531
They are standard Israeli camo colours Sand, Green ,Brown and light grey.
Cheers and stay safe Neil .

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  1. Dear Neil @neil-foster!
    Here are the equivalents in Humbrol (taken from Don Color charts)
    Hope I helped
    33531 Humbrol 121
    34227 Humbrol 120
    30219 Humbrol 118
    35622 Humbrol 122
    All the best, my friend!

  2. I have a FS color chip book and I’ll scan the colors you requested later tonight and post them up so you can get a good idea as to what the color approximations are. Hope this helps you.

    It looks like Spiros has done a great job for you. This is the best place for Modelling and everything that’s related.

    • OK Neil, @neil-foster
      Here you go... These are the scans I made from my FS book. This should give you an idea as to what the colors should look like.

      Fs 33531

      Fs 34227

      Fs 30219

      Fs 35622

      Hope this helps...

  3. In the future, download iModelKit from the Apple App store or whatever the Android uses. It is my go-to paint app. It has FS, RLM, RAL, British Standard, and many other color systems. It also has ALL of the major paint brand and cross references the paints with colors. I've used hot for the past year and love it. Get the full version, not the Lite version...

  4. Neil my friend! Good to see you here again, hope all is well on your side of the pond.

    I think this will get you all the info you need, hope your colors are on it...

  5. Er... My two cents of silliness
    Although I love Tamiya paints, did you consider purchasing a set from Ammo Mig, or Akan or Hataka if they have it (As far as I remember Ammo Mig has one) ?

  6. I would recommend the Akan set - I have it for my Kurnass 2000 build, and used them on the Pe-2 as a first-go-round with the Akan water-based acrylics. I loved the way they went down. I've heard others had problems with the Hataka, so I've avoided them. I got some good thinning advice for the Akan paints from Dmitry several months ago, and if you want me to pass it on I'd be happy to (just PM me).

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