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Me 109 F4. Von Boremski Pattern. 9/JG3. Eduard 1/48

Hello Mates

I would like to share my last addition to my squadron.
Although not vey original, I tried to make it sexy with this pattern,.

As usual, Questions, criticism, and feedbacks are welcome

Hppy moving day

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses

  1. Very nice depiction of one of the famous JG.3 109 F-4, Emmanuel! What did you use to mask this lovely splinter scheme?

  2. beautifully done

  3. Emmanuel - first, very well done! You ask for critisism / feedback, just a few really nerdy bits really; The shoulderstraps are fastened just behind the wall behind the seat - it is very common to place them too far back with the eduard PE belts. The F-4 did not have a frame in the middle of the hood - just two pieces of plastic overlapping, and the F-4 did have a slot in the top radiatorflap - but that is not included in any of eduards plastic-parts and has to be added (by PE usually).

    When that is said, I really like you added the brakelines, and the choice of colors are just great - I love these "trop" 109's re-routed to the eastern front and getting additional field-applied camouflage. You really got that just right, so overall a really great 109 - thank you for sharing! (Please do not take the critisism for more than nerd-stuff - your model is fantastic) Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you so much Erik for your feedback.
      Really appreciated
      To be honest, I made several mistakes on this model. For example, there was F4Z/Trop as a basis, so, they had a bigger cooler underside, a larger intake carburetor and a different propeller.

      Well, It will be for my next life 😉

      • Emmanuel, you really cannot have too many 109's, so just keep them comin'! And you are right - i missed the intake and propeller! Shame on me 🙂

        (just added one of my F-4's - you see that I missed the extra opening in the radiatorflap, and have to make a new one some day)

  4. Very nice model, Emmanuel, the camo standing out.
    All the best!

  5. Fantastic job on the paint work

  6. Absolutely STUNNING. A winner from every angle!

  7. Beautifully done.

  8. Great job on this. Camouflage scheme is outstanding.

  9. Love the paintwork.

  10. Great build, and that scheme is fantastic! One of the most interesting looking 109's I've seen in a while.

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