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Organizing the hobby space

May 16, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 21 Comments

To all stuck at home and between working for and creating income we are all in the same boat, or plane or tank. Enclosed .

In trying to maximise the thickness of my wallet for model acquisitions I took on the task of organising the many paint pots and all tools relating to modelling whether old or new so as to not have to endlessly look for the right item. This by way of not having to purchase pre-Made organising tools and keeping the budget for other things.

Not that these storage systems are not practical but rather that things change in the way one may want to proceed on how the workspace works best.

For that, and with all the ways food packagings come in and get discarded . Wasting petroleum products and creating a huge disposal problem with microplastics just about everywhere now. Here are a few ways that one could stay creative, not waste money and do something good for the environment.

The paints I have come from different brands. Mainly MIG, and the Testors bottles with the Hornby and Modelmasters paints to make it all confusing.

With this I made storage for all the paint in full view So as to not knock things over while looking for the right item !

The MIG storage I made from scrap pre-finished 1/4 maple plywood . Your local cabinet shop probably would love to hear from you!

The drilling on the drill press with this material did not work well as when the bit pierces that’s final layer it cuts a small disc out that does not let you drill through with out having to stop the drill and remove the offending part. At that I used and aggressive serrated Forstner bit freehand with a 18 V drill . the material set on a substrate. That worked well and the try out became the permanent MIG storage !

The Tamiya paints I took on a few weeks later. This time the drill press worked really well on the recycled drawer sides off off an old dresser. It turned out to be Camphor wood. It drilled clean and well with a 1 7/16 Forster bit 3/16 inches between circles.

As you see in the photo, any clear, black, white, round, square, oval food container gets evaluated!

I cut them down to various heights with a chop saw . Careful ! But it works cleanly.

With that re-using tofu containers, chicken containers, milk bottles etc etc .i saved quite a bit of money. My workspace still changes but when I put things away I feel satisfied on finding Way to cut down on the waste stream , find things easily and keep the budget for model acquisitions.

To top it all off I made shelving to store all of my models with Western red cedar cutoffs given to me by a contractor friend ! I started that in November last. 40 square feet of new shelving space !

That said I have not have much time modelling lately as I am looking after my family most off the time. But ! The Lockheed Orion is getting closer to being done time permitting.

Be well all, be safe and keep up the fun !

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21 responses

  1. Great sub-hobby to organize ones space and use up some nice containers rather than chucking them. I can confess to use old but still functional Vallejo type bottles for washing liquids. Perfect size to keep in camping stove sets like Primus, Trangia, Optimus and the like. They take enough of liquids to last a couple of weeks on the trail and are secure enough to not spill sticky green stuff all over while in a pack.

  2. Hi Stellan. Thank you.
    These times we will become tinkerers again. Making the things that we can make.
    Great to hear that you take the same philosophy while in the woods !
    The trails are beckoning ! So is the modelling ‘

  3. Nice work Bernard and thanks for the suggestions and inspiration!

  4. Thank you Rick. Repurposing items gives one a 50% reduction in waste packaging !
    Your models look cool. I like the Racial diversity of the artillery crew.

    • Thank you Robert . Being confined has some advantages ! I hope it it the same for you . I like your P-38. Thanks for saying Hasegawa tops them all.
      I have the Airfix kit of lore that’s next.
      I’m on a strange Lockheed binge builds these days.
      Ventura, Orion, Viking, Hercules...

  5. This looks great, thanks Bernard for sharing!

  6. Hi Michel. Thank you.
    Does the arch in Libya still exist ?
    I like the scale of your facsimile of it !
    Gong to Belgium now looks difficult...

  7. Well done Bernard, I'm in the process of cleaning and organizing my work space now. Thanks for sharing some good ideas.

  8. Thanks Tom. It’s good to catch up on old the ways of doing things.
    Organisation is the zen part of modelling perhaps.

  9. These are some great ideas, Bernard. I am also a strong supporter of the "modification of surplus stuff to suit your needs" concept.
    Eagerly waiting to see your Orion.
    All the best!

  10. Kalimera ! Thank you Spiros. Your models look great !
    I’m still learning but the skills improve each time I build or paint. I’m getting better at using acrylics, finally !

    • Καλημέρα, my friend!

      • Bernard @bernardbedeur! Your models look fantastic! Improving with time is one of the great things of our beloved hobby. i'm still stirring clear of acrylics, but I think I will have to give in sometime...
        Your Orion inspired me to try to discover the unbuilt one I keep in my Shelf Of Doom somewhere...Who knows, I mighit succeed to backdate it and finish it as a Hellenic Navy one!
        Cheers again, my friend! I love your work!

  11. Hi Spiros. The Orion is a great plane. I see the Hellenic airforce just upgraded theirs.
    I used to see them sometimes flying over the area. Always very fast and out of sight quickly.
    A fantastic machine! If your kit is.The Hasegawa Orion then it is not a good acrylic primer substrate. The plastic is very smooth and I had difficulties in adhesion with paint coming off when masking. the primer should probably be of another type.
    I hope to start the decals this week.

  12. these are some great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Ramon.
    Thank you. At least we can do something good for the environment.
    Your models look awesome.
    Airborne , all the way.

  14. VERY nicely done, Bernard! ( @bernardbedeur )
    I spent a fair amount of ca$h getting several of the MIG & other company's shelving items for my various paints. They are comparatively fragile & won't stand up to a lot of movement, etc. Once it's in place on the bench, it's there for the duration.

    I like your way (and the quality of your materials) better!

  15. Hi Jeff.

    Thank you.

    I have been a woodworker and builder for so long that it saw that it was possible to do this. Most time in my career was on staying organised to the work anyways...

    Between fixing things in the house and making things for wife and son I decided after a lot of looking for pre-made storage for paint that it was time to do something for myself ! I got a lot of satisfaction out of it and it makes my models a bit better each time.

    Stay safe and well . Keep up the great builds.

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