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Spifire Mk.22, 1/72 Airfix.

The Last of the many, Spitfire Mk.22, to me the most pleasing to the eye. I knew this kit existed but didn’t realize it wasn’t being produced any more. I got this off ebay at a reasonable price. Another ‘new’ tool Airfix gem of a kit. built out of the box, kit decals. Tamiya rattle can gloss aluminum.

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14 responses to Spifire Mk.22, 1/72 Airfix.

  1. Man I really like the Silver Spitfires. Well done.

  2. It looks more like a racer, doesn’t it?

    Nice work.

  3. That’s my fave Spit of all of them. Looks perfect. See you at the races.

    PS: great use of a deck post.

  4. Great one Robert! Looks like a joy of a build!

  5. Sweet looking Spit Robert

  6. beautiful paint

  7. Nicely done Robert, it does look good, Airfix may bring that kit out again in different markings !!

  8. Looks great! I think I’m gonna go with that version too, now.

  9. Nice job Robert !!! Looks great buddy…………….. I didn’t know they stopped manufacturing this kit. Good to know.

  10. Slick looking Spit Robert!

  11. Great job, Robert! You captured this sleek bird’s lines extremely well.
    All the best!

  12. Great looking Spit. With this all silver livery it really shows its clean lines.
    If I may make one suggestion: you may want to use a pin wash next time to accentuate the hinge lines?
    All the best

  13. Thanks everybody, nice tip Peter.

  14. Wait – Robert, and not a jet – I’m seeing things…!

    Looks great anyway! Love that version of the Spit, and have that same kit in the stash.

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