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Tackhikawa Ki-9, Type 95-1 Japanese Army, 1945 Korea, Empire of Japan. 1/48 Nichimo.

This is Nichimo’s 1/48 Ki-9 Spruce training aircraft. I tried to replicate the aircraft in photos that my father took while with the occupation forces in Korea at the end of WW 2. The aircraft had their rear cockpit covered over, probably to carry cargo or maybe a more sinister purpose. Normally these planes were an orange/yellow color, but many were painted over in a dark green, as I did with this one. This was a nice kit to build, it also included rigging wire and to boot the decals were usable.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to Tackhikawa Ki-9, Type 95-1 Japanese Army, 1945 Korea, Empire of Japan. 1/48 Nichimo.

  1. Hmmmm sinister purpose….I saw one of these with a 55 gallon drum strapped into the back ‘pit…can’t even imagine.
    Very nicely done model. Looks good in green. I had a 1/32 one years ago, wish I had it back.

  2. Nice work, Robert. You really matched it to the photos.

  3. Fantastic work, Robert. I followed your work from the start, and all I can say is that is splendid. I liked your motivation too.

  4. Very nicely done. Always impressive to see the constructions of these bi- (or more) planes.

  5. Well done. Indonesia inherited a few of these after the war as well. The one I have seen is overall dark green with the bottom half of the Hinomarus roughly over painted in white. I think your model is most realistic.

  6. Well done Robert! And a nice addition to the EOJ Group Build. I like it.

  7. Great end result! As my dad and I found out when he built the Ki-51, these old Nichimo kits still make nice models.

  8. Very nice Robert – but you have succumbed to the 1/48 dark side!! Yikes!

  9. Very interesting and well built model. This old kit is not often seen, good thing you chose to build it. Thanks!

  10. Thank s all, and stay well!

  11. This little biplane of yours looks great Robert !!! @roofrat

    Thanks for participating in our Empire of Japan group build. I know this one has a special meaning to you, since your Dad took those photos, and you replicated something that he saw. He’s smiling at you right now from Mars……. and probably hanging out with my Dad talking about their time in Korea……

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