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Vintage Revell Chevrolet Truck 1955

Following my project to restore or even to build vintage models which bring me good memories, now I went to this 1955 original Revell mold.

My oldest brother, 81 now, had one and it was probably the very first scale model I had seen, I suppose around 1967. I remember my brother keept the model in the safe box, for “protection”.
This is a reissued box from 1980’s ordered from a USA store, first built in 1995. The kit was abandoned in a card box among other gems which I will restore slowly.

The task was simple, due to the good condiction of the model:
Good cleaning with soap.
Several painting retouch.
New clear parts from acetate.
Strong polishing with Tamiya Compound.
Drum, hose and windshield wipers addition.
Overall clear coat for protection.
Weathering with oil and flat varnish.
Painting the figures and
A simple base.

Finally, a good fun and another antique in my collection fully of good memories.–1161721

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9 responses to Vintage Revell Chevrolet Truck 1955

  1. Nice blast from the past. I’ve got an original that my uncle gave way back in1964.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. Gave an old friend new life, Roberto. Simply excellent!

  3. Nice to see an old kit brought back to life. Well done.

  4. “Accurately Scaled” on the box, from another source I believe it was 1:32 or 1:43. Glad you rescued and restored this truck. One observation, the radiator top tank was painted black at the factory but some people liked to polish the paint off to expose the brass it was made of, both finishes correct. I used to own a ’55 2dr Chevy.

    • Hi Gordon, thank you so much for your comments.
      Now I checked the real dimensions and acquired as follow.
      Real length: 654 cm
      Model length: 13,5 cm
      Calculated scale: 1/48,59

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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