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Hellenic Air Force Historical Planes

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Hi everyone!
Here are some pics of historic planes preserved in Tanagra AFB that I took this morning.
Tanagra AFB is an operational Base with Mirage 2000/-5 planes. It is my beloved base that I’ve spent most of my (still active) career, becoming a Mirage 2000 guy for sure.
Interestingly, quite a few historical planes are here and are exhibited during various base social occasions.
They are not in flying condition, the base personnel doing the best they can, beside their operational obligations, to preserve these old beauties, some of them being quite rare.
Also included some extra pics you might find interesting.
Happy modelling!

22 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Hellenic Air Force Historical Planes

  1. Excellent pictures, Spiros. Looks like your family was having a great time. Thanks again.

  2. Great pictures! Your kids must be very proud!!! All the best Spiros and thanks for sharing!

  3. The Dassault Mirage III, Mirage F1CZ, F1AZ , 2000 and the Dassault Rafale are some of my favourites aircraft. The 2000 and Rafale are highly capable fighters!! Thanks for sharing these photos Spiros. A lovely family as well!

  4. Spiros, @fiveten
    This is another wonderful set of pictures. I’m sure that your boys are very proud of their Dad. It’s great to see you all together enjoying the day at the museum. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.


  5. More great pictures Spiros!
    All great planes and photos but I gotta pick the F-1 Sparta as the winner of this set of pics.
    (Actually got to visit Sparta in 2008)
    A great way to spend a Sunday with your boys – lucky lads indeed.

  6. Thanks George @georgeswork!
    That F-1 is really wonderful.
    I remember having some chat with the artwork team, describing how difficult the rendition of the Greek wavy flag was.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing Spiros. @fiveten
    So much more variety in plane models during those years.
    Brings back a lot of memories.

  8. Thanks John @johnb!
    I agree with you. It’s a pleasure to share these not so common sights.
    They ignite great model inspirations!

  9. Great pics Spiros, looks like your sons enjoyed their day with dad.

  10. Nice! I like that F-86, a lovely shot of you and your crew.

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