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Hellenic Air Force Museum – A quick visit – Part 3

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  3. Hellenic Air Force Museum – A quick visit – Part 3
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Hi everyone!

This is my last article for the HAF Museum at Tatoi AFB. This time I Visited the Museum's auxillary facility, nearby the main facility.

There are some spectacular exhibits there, together with many interesting "Work in Progress" ones.

Among others, you can admire the remains of a JUNKERS-52/3m, after underwater recovery near Leros island, a Noratlas, the awaiting restoration"Mount Olympus" F-104G, the remains of a Ju87D-3 recoverd off the coast of Rodos and many others.

Hope you like them.

Happy modelling!

35 additional images. Click to enlarge.

30 responses

  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing

  2. Still some work to do on this Ju52, would be nice to see this one restored.
    Beautiful scheme on this 104.
    Currently restoring a 104 in the Netherlands as well, hope to it flying some day.

    • Thanks John @JohnB!
      I doubt this Tante Ju will ever fly. There's too much corrosion there...
      "Mount Olympus" F-104 is striking, isn't it?
      Your restored F-104 will be quite a sight when it flies!
      All the best!

  3. Quite the overall collection. Just like our modeling stashes..."too many models, not enough time"
    Thanks again for posting all.

  4. Incredible stuff, watched the Tante Ju pics with great interest! Thanks for sharing, Spiros!

  5. There is a lot of nice stuff in the museum's storage area. A very eclectic mix, for sure. Thanks for posting all those great pix.

  6. Thanks Spiros for posting these fine photos of aircraft used by the Hellenic Air Force. It is always nice to see these historic aircraft up close.

  7. Nice! Both models of Nike missiles, and an International Scout.

  8. Thanks Spiros.
    Love the Mount Olympus Starfighter.

  9. Hello Spiros, @fiveten
    These photos are fantastic... I didn't know that you guys have a Ju-87 and a Junkers 52 in your collection. Both are rare birds, especially the 87.

    Years ago when I was a teenager, I had the privilege to walk through a Ju-52 that was owned by the author Martin Caiden. I believe his was a newer Spanish built version, but his was painted in Luftwaffe colors. His plane was flown regularly, and I think it was eventually sold to Lufthansa and it now carries their colorful pre war markings. Seeing it fly was a sight to behold. This plane is big and it can fly at such a slow speed.

    Seeing the photos you posted today reminded me of that day way back then... and was sort of a trip back in time for me.

    They have an International Scout too ! Id like to see the F-104 after it has been restored. That is such a great paint scheme by the way...

    Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures for us to enjoy. You're the best...


    • Thanks Louis @lgardner! Glad my pics triggered all those memories. It was a pleasure taking the pics and share them with my friends.
      Restored "Mount Olympus" pics will be taken as soon as this bird will be restored.
      All the best, my friend!

  10. Interesting pic's Spiros, thanks for posting, I like the look of the 104 and I think you'll find the Bell 47 is a SA 313 Alouette 2 !

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  11. I liked the blue IH, one of my friends had one, they were a BLAST!

    • Hi Walt @waltosoaring!
      initially used as base Commander cars, "secondary" duties undertaken as newer types emerged. Few made it to millennium, quietly phased out.
      Had the privilege to drive an operational one in 1996 for a while. It was quite a drive!
      All the best!

  12. What a treat - so many interesting things in your backyard my friend! Thank you for taking the time to let us travel there in our minds. Inspiring!

    By the looks of the pictures they appear to have stopped the corrosion on the seabed planes - that salt does no good.

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