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JV44 FW190D9 Mini Diorama Part 2 of 2

This article is part of a series:
  1. Tamiyas Me262, JV44 mini diorama part 1 of 2
  2. JV44 FW190D9 Mini Diorama Part 2 of 2

First off, thanks to Michael Turner, @michaelt , for kindly sending me the Red13 jv44 decals. This Revell (repackaged Eduard) kit does not include paint instructions or decals for the aircraft i needed to do and i could not find a 1/48 red 13 online so luckily Michael came to my aid!

Secondly, ugh, not a fan of the kit at all. Wing gaps, cowl gaps, ill fitting nose, plenty of cut and shutting and then filling etc to make it all work. The gun covers are supplied in kit as to be open so i suppose they were never meant to fit correctly in closed form anyway, so i’ll give Eduard that. Despite all of the extra work it builds up decently and looks like a D9, which is all i care about as i will now place it in the cabinet to try and thwart the dust demons.

The stripes required a complete repaint of the white owing to leakage using 1.5mm wide Aizu tape, the retape with Tamiya tape gave me far better edges with zero leak. The wheel legs located extremely averagely and required a jig of many assorted items so i could leave it upside down over night to set, standard modelling fare really for 190’s to get the angle right. I really need to look at some better tyres though in the future.

Paint is a mix of Tamiya and Vallejo with Vallejo chipping medium used on the wing leading edges, the canopy and wing gun cowls. A final light oil weathering and some Tamiya weathering compound for the exhaust soot. The little Citroen is also Tamiya and a fun little build that will get you two standard episodes of Drachinifels Drydock consumed.

Pretty happy with how these two dios look next to each other but i really do need to get some more Allied stuff going on!

Cheers all, look after yourselves, 2020 aint over yet!

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23 responses to JV44 FW190D9 Mini Diorama Part 2 of 2

  1. Yet another cool dio! I really like the inclusion of vehicles, it just adds that little extra to the scene. Thanx for sharing.

  2. Looks good from here. To be honest I’m a bit fed up of the papagay staffeln 190s models, everyone seems to build them lol, but your looks very good. What I liked more was your photo & description of the kit, thumbs up

  3. Nice build, Jimmy. The dio is looking great.

  4. I like what you have done here Jimmy…………. JV 44 is my second favorite Luftwaffe unit with JG 54 taking the number one place…… I have plans to eventually build up a few 262’s and Dora’s in a similar fashion as you have. I was fortunate to get a set of Eagle Cal decals and still have the set from the original Revell boxing that offered two different “Parrot” Staffel markings. My older Revell model is a re boxing of the Dragon / Trimaster kit if I’m not mistaken.

    Your diorama looks fantastic and I am impressed with the photos you posted. Well done !!!

  5. Nice paint work on the 190.

  6. That’s a lot of work of fitting/filling/sanding ad painting Jimmy. The result is excellent.
    A great looking dio!
    Love the Citroen as well.
    Got the Dragon D9 to do sometime. Your dio is tempting…
    All the best!

  7. Well done Jimmy, like your dio!

  8. Yeah, that Eduard D-9 is the Doggiest Dora Kit of all – any of the others are better alternatives, but you did a great “save” here with your final result.

    Hopefully Eduard will re-do the Doras the way they did their Antons.

  9. You did a great job on this one Jimmy.
    Filling and sanding is not noticeable at all.
    The diorama makes it complete, also nice to see the 262 next to it.

  10. Nicely done Jimmy.

  11. Fantastic job, Jimmy, I was happy to help.
    I can’t believe you built it so quickly.

    I’m going to have to get back to my D-9 (and D-11) get it done, now.
    I grabbed my kit off the shelf and had a test fit of the wings to the fuselage and it looks to be better at the front than you experienced, although the gap at the rear is there.
    I haven’t glued the fuselage halves together yet, and it seems a tight fit around the engine, so that and the cockpit may change things.
    Still, you’ve given me a heads-up for what to look for.

    I love the Fw 190 and Me 262 diorama pair.

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