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MiG-21F-13 “Fishbed-C” – 32nd Fighter Guard Regiment, VVS, Kublinka AB, USSR, 1962

June 2, 2020 · in Aviation · · 15 ≡

Bonjour chers iModelers,

Please find my rendition of the MiG-21F-13 from at scale. The F-13 is my favorite version of the , very sharp.

Finish metal has been realized with Vallejo Metal Color paints with an undercoat of Mr Color GX Gloss Black (excellent base). Decals are a mix of Trumpeter (not too bad) and Begemot (hum...). Initially, I wanted to realize a Cuban version (during missiles crisis), but Begemot provides unfortunately an oversized flag for rudder. When I realized that, I had no energy to mask and paint a proper Cuban flag. So I went for the russian version.

The kit is quite easy, but Trumpeter did some mistakes, especially the bottom shape of the rudder and the position of the doors on the legs of the main gear. When I realized that, it was a little bit late to make the proper correction. Please don't tell anybody 🙂

Thanks for watching, and stay safe all of you!

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  1. gorgeous Fishbed. Excellent work on that metallic finish!

  2. That's a beautiful Fishbed, Stephane! Great cockpit, excellent painting and weathering.
    Looks the part definitely!
    All the best!

  3. Great looking MiG F. Seen the real is amazing how crude the finish is. Panels look like they have been cut with a pair of metal cutting scissors.

  4. Stephane: Wow! Your NMF is outstanding. The whole model captures the look of the real thing. Excellent job!

  5. A real beauty! I have shied away from NMF though I've wanted to do a -21 like this, but now that I've tried the Vallejo metallics, I think I'll give it a shot. Hope it comes out close to yours in finish!

    • The Vallejo paint makes everything easy. Once you have a base color, you can mask (use low-tack drafting tape, available at artist supply stores, for best results) for larger areas or just brush paint for small areas, since the paint doesn't leave brush marks. I do that on all mine. A good base coat is Tamiya X-1 Gloss Black.

  6. Very nicely done. I like the fuel spills on the external tank; very realistic and convincing. All the weathering looks great. Very subtle. The probe under the intake (pitot?) must have made you nervous.

    • Hi Joe,
      Merci for your nice comments.
      Pitot tube comes from Master Model. Not so difficult, the design is clever. I use Master Midel pitots and probes as much as I can. Plastic parts can’t compete.

  7. Many thanks to all ?
    Merci, merci!

  8. Very realistic NMF finish.

    • Thank Haslam.
      Vallejo Metallic Colors are easy to use, but fragile for weathering, even with an undercoat of varnish. I will try next time Mr Color Super Metallic 2.

  9. Very nice work, and I'd never know the "mistakes" if you hadn't mentioned them. I have this kit myself (planning to do a VPAF aircraft) and you provide nice inspiration.

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