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Panzer lV 1/35

I would like to also show off this great little build that I am proud of. This is a 1/35 Panzer lV from Tamiya that was really fun and easy to build. This little guy went together over the course of about three days and i am very happy with it. It won second place at a local hobby competition and awarded me that nice little medallion that is in the picture. I use silver and white, dry brushing them on the model sparingly to get the worn effects. I am still a little new to this technique but am pleased with the result. As always thank you and I look forward to your comments!

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10 responses to Panzer lV 1/35

  1. That is a very nice Pz. IV! Congrats with the win!

  2. Nice is that the old Tamiya kit from the 70s? I love those old kits, they build up easy and look great. Nice job!

  3. Would you believe some folks scoff at these awards? They have no clue. Ain’t it a grand feelin’ to win something?
    Very nice job on the panzer IV, congrats.

    • I like my awards. They may not be international competitions super amazing medals, but they are my wins and I enjoy having them. The local community in my area are pretty good at model building and I see it as a decent accomplishment. Thank you

  4. That’s a nice build, Jonathan @SlowGlide!
    I ‘m afraid (!) to build armor!!! Looks too complicated!
    I might try now after your inspiration.
    All the best!

    • Dude, armor is the easiest to build by far. Trust me! Tanks and the like are so forgiving it is incredible. If your mess up or nick the paint wrong…just make a scuff mud, or damage in that area and boom! Its gone! Maybe try a tamiya kit like this. They are cheap and simple…a little repetitive, but fun. Here is a picture of my first armor vs. my second, look at my improvement in just one tank from a decent model to an award winning one.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. Can’t beat those classic Tamiya kits; looks good!

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