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Sq/L Jan Zumbach Pilot RAF 303 Polish Squadron

Jean Zumbach’s full name was actually Jan Eugeniusz Ludwig Zumbach, he was born on April 14, 1915 in Ursynów Poland.Combat names: Johnny Brown, Kamikaze Brown was a Polish military pilot, entrepreneur, mercenary and commander-in-chief of the Katanga and Biafra Air Force.

Zumbach was born Swiss in Poland due to his grandfather’s citizenship, but hid his nationality to pursue a career in PolishTo be able to strike in air forces. During the German attack on Poland, Zumbach was unable to take part in the fighting because of a broken leg.

After the Polish defeat, Zumbach fled via Romania and Beirut to France, where he served in a hunting unit for the French Air Force. Because of the defeat of France, Zumbach fled to Great Britain, where he quickly made a career in the Royal Air Force. So he shot down eight German planes during the Battle of Britain. He ended the war as a colonel and squadron commander with twelve confirmed kills.

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  1. Terrific job. The diorama is very effective.

  2. The diorama really brings things to life. Nice result.

  3. Brilliant representation! When I was growing up we had a Pole working on the farm. He had been on tanks during the war. Escaped at Dunkirk and back again on D-Day.

  4. Great job with the Spitfire and the great looking diorama.

  5. Very nice build.
    The diorama gives it a perfect finish.
    Nice reading background as well.

  6. Great build, Hans Peter!
    Outstanding diorama as well!

  7. That’s a nice looking spit!

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