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Trumpeter 1:48 MiG-3 Late Version

June 8, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

This is said to be the aircraft of Capt. A.V. Schopov, of 6 IAP, 6 IAK (Fighter Air Corps), IA-PVO (Moscow Air Defence), winter 1941/42. There is no photo of the aircraft. The box top shows gun pods under the wings but none are in the kit so that's how it will be depicted. I've read that these pods were often removed by the ground crews as they weren't liked. The pods were removed shortly before I took the photos. The writing on the sides says, "For Stalin" if Google Translate is to be believed. Also, a family portrait of the Early Version I did a while ago. The bottom was painted with Aqueous Hobby Color H67 RLM65. The top was Airbrushed with Vallejo White Primer and dry-brushed with Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green

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  1. Really nice work, George. Sharp photography, too. It is nice to see some Soviet Machines in their unique colors. I really like the way you have painted this one with the whitewash slightly worn to real the camo underneath, not overdone. This is one of my favorite schemes for the MiG-3, very clean looking and highlighting the racer-like streamlining of the design. I have Trumpeter's 1/32nd version in my stash as well as the ICM 1/48th kit (which I found too fragile to handle). Was Trumpeter's kit a straightforward build?

    • Thank you Colin. A bit of an issue with the front end bits: upper cowl and wing-root inlets but nothing insurmountable. It was the same on Early Version as well so I knew what to expect. As for the paint I got lazy and airbrushed Vallejo White primer overall and then dry-brushed with Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green

    • @coling This is my "temporary" photo set-up

      • Thanks for the shot of your light tent, George. Do you keep the surrounding room dark on purpose? I have a nearly identical tent but I haven't used it much, mainly because it is too small for my 1/32 builds and I am not sure how to use it optimally, anyway. Can I ask what specific settings you have used for your DSLR for this session and in general? I am using my iPad for model photos because I never get the right color/light balance with my Canon Rebel iOs, except in bright sunlight outside. I feel like a one man band trying to adjust all the switches and dials, even with the manual. Otherwise, I love the camera. Just like to use it more and more effectively for model photography.

  2. Beautifully done,both look great! woof woof.

  3. Great looking Mig, George!
    You did a very good job of this beautiful plane.
    Got the 1/32 Trumpeter, which, I believe, is a scaled up version of yours (or vice versa).
    Tempted to build it now.

  4. Yes, the way you have the camo come through the white wash is excellent. Also, that's a pretty sweet 'studio' you have there!

  5. Looks sweet George. Lazy or not, that winter scheme turned out very nicely. Well done sir.

  6. Nicely done George, I'm impressed you conquered a Trumpy kit. Never build one but every modeler review I've read mention fit or shape issues. Nice pics too, we don't need no expensive photo studio.

  7. Very nice! I really like the winter camo schemes - and this one came out very nice.

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