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Luftwaffe flying saucer

A small diorama for all the conspiracy theorists out there. This is the Revell 1/72 Haunebu flying saucer dissolving a Russian tank with its ‘death beam’.
In all fairness the kit does not actually come with such a weapon (instead it has 3 turrets with auto cannon) but I thought that if you are going to build a model of a supposed Luftwaffe flying saucer why not arm it with something a bit more interesting.

The beam itself is a hollow plastic tube that was painted with clear blue. I then installed LED strip lights within it. The tank is an old Trumpeter SU122 assault gun and the base is scratch built from insulation foam and balsa wood.

Whole diorama was just a bit of silly fun. Hope you enjoy it.

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8 responses to Luftwaffe flying saucer

  1. Fabulous!

    I whish I had one of those death rays…

  2. A imaginative build! Looks great.

  3. That is awesome! Love the death ray.

  4. That kit was something of a controversy in Germany given that it was supposed to be for kids. The kit was rebranded because of its alleged association with the Nazi’s. Similar UFO’s have been shown to look like lamps found in chicken coops with some additions…but, once you get past the tongue in cheek sort of Indiana Jones style it looks to be a fun project.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Paul … what you call … “Silly Fun” … I call “Fun Distraction”. I say so with all due respects.
    You let loose your imagination and creativity … very good, it is always a good way to divert for awhile from the regular topics. What maters most is the joy and fun you had in doing this project, by the way, it looks very sharp, nice work.

  6. That’s awesome Paul!
    Pure fun over pure imagination.
    It’s a joy to watch!

  7. Hey Paul, this hobby of ours is suppose to be fun. That death ray is awesome.

  8. What a great project!!!

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