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Pacific coast heritage museum Santa-Rosa

The Pacific coast air museum in Santa-Rosa Ca, just reopened last Wednesday. The only air museum around here to do so during this epidemic. I was nearby after seeing my car mechanic then cruised up there during another extremely hot day.

It is located adjacent to the Charles Schultz ( native peanuts cartoon author , Damn the Red Baron ! ) airport in Santa-Rosa California . Another all volunteer museum that needs your support.

I took some phots to help document my future builds.

I include some of the rarities here.

The or is it an Is most remarkable . That history of nomenclature in itself is complicated but this particular one and it’s restauration by all volunteer work going on is very special and a work of true dedicated effort. Thank you all for keeping this heritage alive.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Nice photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting Invader indeed.
    Is it restored to airworthy condition?
    Would be great to see it flying.

    • Hi. I’m not sure if it flies...The engines looked immaculate and all control surfaces were working. The volunteer demonstrating this and donating 40 hrs a week of his time working on it said that in the next hangar there is a Privately owned one that flies around locally. That and 2 P-51 ‘S !

  3. Amazing pics, Bernard!
    Loved them all, your description an them as well.
    Guess the "out of control" logo on the Buckeye has something to do with the fact that the Buckeye is -I think - one of the few aircraft to perform spins as part of the pilots' training?
    Looks you had a wonderful time there.
    Thanks for taking us for a "ride" there too!

  4. Hi Spiros. The buckeye was still in its original livery of the USS Forrestal. It is allowed to fly like this alongside civilian markings. They were retired a while ago as advanced Navy jet trainers and find their way into the private market.
    The Hellenic Air Force flies them as well I saw ! Quite a beautiful Jet.
    Thanks for appreciating.

  5. Great pics Bernard.
    You don’t see an IL-2 everyday.
    I must admit that the A-26 is in my top 5 aircraft. For the longest time there was a transport company east of Toronto that had an A-26 on its roof and it actually looked like the plane was doing a low flyby.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. Hi George.
    The piece of vintage soviet technology of the Il-2 was great to see. It looked really well made. It must be, being this old !
    I like the A-26 Invader as well. Beautiful. The mechanic on site said it could outperform ( some ) fighter planes in speed.
    I made a model of one as a kid but look forward to getting another one. Perhaps there are different version on it in the model market
    Thank you for appreciating.

  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Bernard!

    I'm also a member of the "I LOVE the B26/A26 Invader" club. It is such an awesome aircraft!

  8. Hi Jeff.
    Of all Bomber twins the Invader is the sleekest looking it seems. Can’t think of another that is so cool looking
    Untill this visit I did not realise that it was very innovative in systems development.
    Double WASP radials, remote control turrets and more.
    Learn something new everyday !
    Thanks for appreciating the pics.

  9. Greetings to everybody from Brno, Czech Republic! I watch this great web site for some months already and I admire beautiful models and interesting topics You’re dealing with. This article made me to sign up and so I can react and correct one mistake in this otherwise nice report about PCAM. It is NOT Il-2 in the headline picture. Ilyushin Il-2 was the famous „Shturmovik“ WWII russian tank buster. (BTW Il-2 was produced in greater numbers than any other military aircraft in aviation history - The twin engine cargo aircraft in the picture comes from the same Design Buro but it is Ilyushin Il-14 (NATO reporting name Crate) ( Thank You for nice pictures!

  10. Hi tom from Brno.
    Thank you for catching this error. Indeed Il-14 it is. I remembered the number wrongly...
    This community is very supportive and welcoming. Thank you for joining from Czech Republic !
    I started modeling again a while ago and like this platform as it is diverse in topics all leading to making better models and discussions around it .Great fun for all.
    Thank you for appreciating .

  11. Nice pic's Bernard, thanks for posting !

  12. Hi Allan. Thank you for appreciating.
    Your models look really great and are a source of inspiration to me.
    I hope to return to my own modeling in a few weeks time.
    I’m on a critical project right now that needs getting done all the while moving about a world that going nuts. My modelers bench is a bit of a sanctuary .
    Can’t wait.

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