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PCF MK 1 Swift boat, US Navy, South Vietnam, 1/48 Monogram

July 12, 2020 · in Ships · · 12 Comments

These boats were used to patrol the Mekong Delta water ways in South Vietnam, Armed with a twin .50 cal. mount. a combination single .50/mortar mount. and various other small arms. they were originally designed as a shuttle boat for off shore oil rigs. Another civilian craft adapted for war.
This is a Revell boxing from the 1990's.

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12 responses

  1. Great model, as a kid, I converted it for RC. Thanks for posting, Robert!

  2. Nice build, Robert. The swift boat looks more involved than the rag boat.

  3. Very nice. I love these small boats put into model.
    We have a swift boat at the Mare Island shipyard Museum as part of the collection. It has no superstructures if a remember it correctly.

  4. Nice model indeed, Robert!

  5. Very cool! My buddy’s father was Riverine and earned two Purple Hearts and a bronze star.

  6. They operate one here in San Diego through our Maritime Museum, I believe. Seeing and hearing it run is a treat!

  7. Man what a great walk down memory lane both your builds are! Built them both in the early 70s. Great job!

  8. Both this kit and the other you just posted are really well done. The river boats in Vietnam were always on the front line. It's great to see two models from the Vietnam War that don't have wings.

    • I remember when the original kits came out, Vietnam was an abstract, if you didn't know some that went over there you really weren't affected by it. page two of the local paper listed the KIA and MIA's , body counts and bombs dropped was the way they gaged the war. I was in my first year in the Navy when it finally was over , 1975 when Saigon fell. Well enough of an old man's rant. Be well every body.

  9. Hey Robert, @roofrat
    I just noticed your boats... You did a fine job with them. Our Fire Department Chaplain was a crew member on these boats, and he made numerous trips up and down, in / out and around the Mekong Delta.

    It might be why he became a Chaplain... God only knows for sure.

    Thanks for posting these for us. Freedom isn't free, just ask any veteran.

  10. Ah, the brown water Navy, those boats did one helluva job on those rivers. Nicely done Robert.

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