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“B-B’s & Scribing Tools

Here is how I add the “b-b’s” to the nose area of any “tail dragon” model. I just apply some white glue or superglue then pour in some of the small lead bb’s!

The second photo shows my two panel line scribing tools that I have been using since the mid 1980’s. I bought them from a vendor who had a “sale’s” table at one of the IPMS/USA National Conventions.

These tools were used on all of my models until I quit modeling in 2016.

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to “B-B’s & Scribing Tools

  1. Dental tools; have some, will give a try!

  2. Good advice, Rodney.
    BB’s are perfect and easy to work with. And most dentists have a drawer-full of used instruments no longer in use…..just ask and you’ll probably get what you want.

  3. Nice info, Rodney!

  4. TO: Ilan, Bob & Spiros:

    Theses dental tools worked out just fine for over 30 years for me. It took some time to learn how to use them. I had worked in building houses for over 20 years, so using different tools were a common thing to try out. I got real good at it, but like anything you do….you screw up at times, like run off the scribe line, then I had to remove my masking tape and fill the missed-scribe line with superglue then sand the area. Replace my tape, then re-scribe the panel line.

    I assume I have re-scribed panel lines on all 300 models that I have here at home.
    I’ll go look and let you know next year ha!ha!

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