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Banzai!…1/48 Nakajima Ki-44-II Otsu Shoki ”Tojo” 40mm cannon, Imperial Japanese Army


The group build entries continue. After an army and two navy subjects now another one from the army.
kit oob, only added Eduard seatbelts, EZ line for the antenna wires and plastic rod pieces for the landing gear indicators on the upper wings. Painted with MRP White Aluminium.

Build thread here

In order to achieve better results against the B-29s it was decided to equip the air defence fighter with Ho301 cannons. It used caseless ammunition and had a low muzzle velocity. Due to that the pilots had to get very close to the bombers to score a good hit. The system wasn´t very successful so most of the 40mm guns were replaced with 20mm or 12,7mm ones.
The model shows an aircraft of 2nd Chutai 47th Hiko Sentai.

20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses

  1. Having followed all your build, I wouldn't even have to look at the above splendid pics to a***s the result, Reinhard.
    This is a wonderfully built and painted model, of a colourful and shiny Tojo!
    Your build in this magnificent Empire of Japan GBwas a pleasure to follow.

  2. Nicely done Reinhard, good looking NMF as well.

  3. Very, very nice. Love the markings

  4. Beautiful paint job! Love the color scheme. Well done

  5. Very colorful indeed, the contrast of the markings and the NMF makes this Tojo spectacular. What colour did you use in the fabric areas?

  6. Same as all the above. Those fuselage markings accentuate its shape so well.

  7. Great work, very colorful.

  8. Magnificent work as usual ! You guys make a great pair, as your Dad builds some wonderful models, and you take some great pictures and post them here for us to enjoy. I sincerely appreciate all of the builds you guys have done for our Empire of Japan group build, and I have been watching your build journal on this one. The Ki-44 is one of my favorite Japanese fighters. It's right up there with the Ki-61 as far as looks go. Thanks again for everything you guys have done to help the group with your multiple builds.


  9. That looks fantastic! AFM decals or kit-supplied? They seem thinner than Hasegawa decals.

    • Thanks a lot Greg! These were the kit decals, one of Hasegawa´s limited editions. Most decals went on nicely but the fuselage markings/stripes tended to break, so my dad had to puzzle them together partly. When you look close you can see the one or other "joint".

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Beautiful work on that model Reinhard, those markings are very much an eye catcher.

  11. A very fine build, Reinhard.
    This plane really shows its muscles.

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