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Empire of Japan Group Build – Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate, Tamiya 1/48

August 8, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.1K

The Ki-84 Hayate (Gale) was a Japanese Army single seat fighter designed to replace Nakajima's previous fighter type, the Ki-43. Generally considered to be the best of the Army's fighters, it was powered by a Nakajime Homare 18 cylinder radial engine of 2000hp, which gave it not only good speed, but enough altitude capability to intercept B-29 bombers attacking Japan. Unfortunately, poor quality control and lack of materials brought on by Allied bombing limited the type's effectiveness, and only 3500 were built. Its Allied code name was "Frank".

This is the kit that I have been told is a few years old now. It was in my stash from who know where, and when Louis asked me to join the group, this one popped up because it was on top of the stack! It was boxed with a diorama base and car, which I'll get to a little later. This was a typical Tamiya build, easy, good fitting with a low parts count. It went together so quickly that I didn't get many pictures for the build thread.

Pretty much OOB. Added tape and wire seatbelts and drilled out the pilot seat lightening holes and added the prominent "step" to the seat that I saw in all the cockpit shots. Paint was my usual MM enamels, IJA dark green and sky gray. A fortunate accident in applying the flat coat resulted in the weathering you see, so no skill at all there! Decals are from the kit, representing a Ki-84-IA flown by Sgt. Joten Naito of the 502nd Temporary Interception Corps based at Nakatsu Airfield in mid 1945. I chose this one because it was the most colorful of the decal options. I included a photo of the base and grass that come with the kit. It's not bad at all and will look nice once I get the little Kurogane car built. And last, a pic of my now empty workbench awaiting the next project. Any suggestions?

Thanks to Louis for starting the group build. It looks like it has picked up quite a bit of interest!

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  1. Jaime (@jetmex), indeed it was a quick build in groups, but a pleasure anyway to have you there! Liked!

  2. Nice work, Jaime! You really brought that oldie to life.

  3. Looks great Jaime !

    I’m very happy that you accepted the invitation to the Empire of Japan ? group build. I especially like how it looks worn and weathered. Sometimes our accidents were meant to be. This is one of those times where it worked great and to your advantage.

    As far as the empty work bench... I happen to see the Nichimo Ki-45 Nick there. It also happens to be at the top of the pile !

    Thanks again my friend and your build looks fantastic. I especially like how the “bandages” look with the red Hinomaru markings. It definitely adds some color and makes it even more interesting.

    Take care and stay safe.

  4. Great job on the Ki-84 which to me is the best looking Japanese fighter of WWII.

  5. Very nice build! Great job. What about that P-2 Neptune...

  6. Hi Jaime @jetmex! This is a wonderful build that I had the pleasure to having followed along.
    It was great to see your mishap turning out an advantage. I love this kind of mishaps!
    Oh, "of course", I vote for the Toryu next...

  7. Very nice build, Jaime.
    A very impressive plane.

  8. Nicely done Jaime, and you are correct, Grandpa's know everything

  9. Very nice! Love this plane. Pretty good kit too for how old it is. Nice work bench as well. cheers

  10. Really nice, Jaime (@jetmex). Tamiya kits, even the old ones, are great choices. Your accidental weathering looks great. Now if you can find a way to repeat it, you will have a great technique. I think the Japanese planes that have the white home defense patches are really cool-looking.

  11. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very convincing model of the Gale. Accident, what accident ? The corrections and the weathering looks fine, you did a splendid job Jaime.

  12. Nice build Jamie! I chalk up all my mistakes to "weathering!" Makes modeling much more satisfying... Mistakes or not, it looks great. Nicely done.

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