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Me-262 O. O. B. Jet.

I promised to post one of my “Out-of-Box” models and here it is. The written data say’s I built the model in December, 2006. (14 years ago).

Photo’s 2 & 3 show’s that I already knew how to make scribing templates, with the use of aluminum soda cans. I also had the experience of making “painting mask” using painter’s masking tape. I bought the tape at a local paint store and today you can buy it in just about any store.

Take special notice of my upside down photo. You will see a whole bunch of small “B-B’s” in the nose wheel well. I just assume that the model would sit on its’ nose…SURPRISE!

I learned to tape the models together and set them on their nose and if it was a “tail dragger” I added weight to the inside of both halves of the nose area. That solved my tail dragger models forever.

I painted on the “VI and AL” next to the kit’s fuselage insignia and today 16 year’s later I have no idea why I did it! And the same goes for the color on the model.
Enjoy – RJW.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to Me-262 O. O. B. Jet.

  1. Very interesting, Rodney! The color is very interesting.
    If you don’t mind, I’m gonna use your “anti-tail-dragger method of adding weight when I next build something.
    If you (or anyone else) use BBs and still don’t have enough weight, perhaps I can suggest something useful. Go to a store that sells ammunition reloading supplies and buy a bag of shotgun shot. It will be a 25 pound bag (they don’t make smaller, as far as I know,) but you’ll be able to weigh down a LOT of models. I’d suggest the smallest shot – 7 1/2, 8, or even 9 or 10 IF they carry it. The shot MAY still be lead or it’ll likely be one of the newer “lead-free” environmentally friendly materials, but it will be much more weight for the same amount of room/space than BBs. If you know other modelers, you can split the 25 lb bag up between yourselves.
    I just looked up shot prices (today is the 15th of August, 2020 if you’re a future reader) & the prices went from around $32 for a 10lb bag (I didn’t know they had any this small) to $60 for 25 lbs for various types of shot. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Jeff:
      I had to quit modeling in 2016…………health reasons with “shaky hands!!!!

      A modeling friend gave me a quart bottle full of 1/16” diameter shotgun “bb” back in the mid 1980’s. I used them in all my tricycle landing gear models. I just white glued them in. If I put too many in the nose, I could just wet the area and take out a few.

      If you overload the nose, in time the nose wheel gear strut can bend over and even break.

  2. Nice 262, Rodney. Indeed, the color is very interesting!
    Thanks for the info on B-Bs.

  3. HEY SPIROS>>>>>>>>>>………..All 26 Jet Airline modeI of mine were T/dragers and I think I have photos of most of the nose areas, showing the “bb’s” glued in…..I’ll go hunting then post a photo showing where I put the bb’s.

    As to the odd-ball color……I wonder about it, as I do not know why I choose that color……… don’t booze it up, nor take drugs ever……….

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