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Revised AH-64 Apache's Canon

I was happy with my results working with metal for this AH-64 helicopter so I thought
I could add some metal parts to the kits canon.'s cut and fit until it fit's.
Hope you like the outcome of my efforts.

When I showed these items at my club's monthly meeting, other modelers started to make parts out of copper, brass and aluminum. Brass is the hardest metal and aluminum is more or less the softer of the 3 metals. However with a bit of experience you can make the same part using all 3 metals. I bought sheet aluminum, brass and copper at our local model shop called "D and J Hobbies." back in the 1990's. Sadly, due to the internet's buying power, "D&J" is no longer in business.

My next segment on this "Chopper-Helo" model will show over 700 replaced rivets, so stay tuned to this website. RJW.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Rodney, the MASTER! Awesome work, Rodney; you are simply the best! We miss you in IPMS Region 9.

    • Hi Marvin: Well,,,, I miss being in #9 too. There must be ten's of thousands of modelers out there that are as good as I use to be. Had this damn "Parkinson's" disease that came down on me (never happen), I would still be pumping out excellent models.

      How I got this good was a mystery to me! I remember back in the '80's that Paul said that all 26 of my models that I brought to the San Jose, Ca club meeting were a "Piece of C**p!" I wrote down what he said and I had agree with him 100%. I went over to his house a few time's and learned how "Not To Make Crappy Models," and the rest is "HISTORY."

      When I started the "work-shop" in 1987, I taught modelers "How Not To Make A Crappy Model."

      My next AH-64 story deals how Paul taught me how to make rivets.

      Rodney...and thanks for the compliment !

  2. Rodney you are definately a master of "fiddly " bits.

  3. Congratulations, Master Rodney!

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