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The Lockheed binge works

Fellow modellers . Upon Returning from a 4 month work project I found myself building Or restarting 4 Lockheed plane models at once ! A curious thing ! this is perhaps owing to the fact that some Models kits that are under way get put aside until one can decide on how to apply the decals on The Orion For example.

This especially on How to handle a large model and not mess it up and thinking technical ways to do so . ( I love large planes ! )

Or perhaps I am missing flying in and our of Burbank , the original and former home of Lockheed , when I go to Los Angeles.

( The Burbank airport has exhibits about Lockheed that are fascinating.)

The subconscious makes odd decisions sometimes !

Anyways I put the Orion aside and needed to put glue down on the . The Viking was a deformed kit that I managed to straighten out. Not being a millionaire I can have my own Skunkworks on my own bench!

I am so glad to be able to model again. Especially being home with all the Fires that are ripping our region apart. Smoke everywhere. It’s a yearly Summer event now. since 2017 we are eating it big and incurring huge losses in treasure and real estate.

CDF just agreed to swap seven ’s From the Coast Guard to transfer it to our state for firefighting purposes. Another Lockheed and my next build ! Or Maybe Lockheed is the best and most innovative California company.

Any suggestions on decal application on the Orion or what glue to use on the portholes after paint would be welcome.

Keep on building and stay healthy.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. I think Lockheed moved to Marietta, to make it easier to get the bribes, er, I mean the "campaign contributions" delivered. Kelly Johnson, Tony Levier, and everyone else who worked there would be embarrassed to be around the MBA fools who wouldn't know the pointed end goes in front who run the place now. Those models of terrific airplanes are monuments to what used to be. Like too much of the rest of American aerospace (think Boeing, Grumman, North American... ). Kelly Johnson would go hunting the crew that came up with the Flying Swiss Army Knife with a baseball bat.

    • Hi Tom. I made the correction on the home of Lockheed in my post.

      The Lockheed-Martin merger has created the second largest defence contractor group in the world. Like all the others, they win in the stock market but lose in other ways. Things tend to Move this way while we ignore the larger problems That loom dangerously ahead. I think the Viking is the most recent jet I have in my stash ! That and a F-111 and RB-66

      This tells you how modern I am in model making.

      Thank you for the comment.

  2. One little factoid about Lockheed Ventura's, Disney would send over some of their artist's to paint some of their classic characters on side of the planes while they where going down the assembly line . Mickey and Donald Duck where painted on the fuselage along with some slogan. Often when the Navy passed the planes onto to our allies the new owners would not paint over the Disney cartoons. As for the kit, the props are off and resin replacements are available. For some odd reason Revell corrected the props and placed the correct props in the British version but, not in the U.S. version. The exhaust stacks are wrong and should be round and not flat or oval in shape. The sheet metal covering the stack is much deeper. It being a stamped piece. Originally, the kit was pattern off of a airframe that was being restored in Canada and they copied the props and the post war mods. Cool plane,cool kit.

    • Burbank was and maybe still is a place of creativity... the movie industry liked the location too.
      Disney painting nose art is just lovely and from the base on up. Not imposed or directed. Just as it could be and was back then.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi Tom . I agree. The best planes are designed my the aeronautical engineers. When performance criteria and procurement gets in the way we get what we get now.

    Time proves that over and over again that designers like Kelly Johnson, Kurt Tank and others were In the know on what works best.

    Stephen. Thank you for for the input on correcting parts. The minicraft kits of which I have 3 of the Malibu’s are a bit odd. Not sure what goes where sometimes as they provide alternate parts for different versions. I am fascinated by the design on these aircraft. They are part of a lineage of planes that allowed upgrades to the original design concept. And from what I hear They were little hot rods too surprising many an opponent.

    The Stockton air museum owns a Harpoon. A later and last version of this twin Rudder plane. It’s is still in Hawaii where it was sent to after First flying to San- Diego it was shipped carrier borne over there to celebrate VJ Day With a fly by. Sure hope it gets back over here ! It’s more tame that the Ventura ever was.

    Thank you for the input I learn something new from you guys every day.

  4. I enjoyed reading the conversations above and have to say that I agree with you guys...
    Anyway, this is a cool selection of Lockheeds, I particularly like the Orion scheme!

  5. Hi spiros.
    Thank you. The color scheme on the Orion is not correct I think. I followed the Hasegawa color scheme and used Tamiya Sea Grey w.o. Diluting to get a lighter color. This after disastrous acrylic paints Usage that surprisingly allowed me to touch up over and over again! Ultimately it’s with acrylic that I want to succeed. So much easier to clean up.
    The point was to be able to get familiar with it all. And keep going.
    Lockheed like Kawasaki rules !

  6. A nice trio, Will be great to see them completed. I did a Med. cruise way back on Saratoga, which was one of the first deployments of the S-3, the plane as I recall acquired the nick name of the Hoover, for their unique sound the engines made. I was with a Phantom squadron. The P-3 scheme might be an early scheme.

    • Hi Robert.
      These are great memories. I’m glad you experienced this.
      The Viking is a neat looking aircraft Very compact and with a huge range Far ahead of the flotilla. You must have felt safe with them keeping you that way. The Airfix kit is nice and detailing it will be Lots of fun.
      Thank you for your comment

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very nice and interesting trio Bernard.
    Looking forward too see them all here.

  8. Hi. I just realised that the trio is all Navy ! Or so I think. Not sure about the Ventura as the Navy did not have the NAVY painted on the side. At any rate they hang over water. Those 2 and 4 engines keep crews safe !
    I hope to post the completed models sometime soon.
    Thanks for appreciating.

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