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USS West Virginia

Ever since I got the USS in World of Warships, I have really wanted to build a model of it. There were some fitting issues with the kit but it was a pretty fun build. The entire thing is painted with one paintbrush. This is my second Colorado class so I might build the USS Maryland in the future so that I will have all three of the Colorado class.

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  1. Nice work. The Colorado and Tennessee classes (The Big Five) are my favorite battleships. What fit problems did you have? I built the Maryland and it went together great.

  2. Looks great, quite a different look to her then when first commissioned with cage masts .

  3. Looks great! The Big 5, especially rebuilt are awesome in my book, due to how bristling they were with 5" and AA guns. Also because of their status as "resurrected". You've done the kit well, and might I ask which other Colorado you've built?

    This BB-48 was my most recent ship as well, and also done up in monotone 5-N, as she was during Op Magic Carpet. I thought it was the easy way out from the camo scheme, as I too brush painted mine, save for below the waterline (rattle canned). I hope you don't mind me sharing as well!
    From memory, my biggest fit issue with the kit was the upper and lower hull, one of which had to stretch a fair bit across the beam to fit the other.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Nice model, Amari. I bet you had a lot of fun building it.

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