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1:48 Tamiya A6M2 (riveting and re-scribing exercise)

I am trying to learn how to do riveting and re-scribing an old model kit. I built this 1973 release of 1:48 . This build is more of a learning exercise for me. The challenging part is to translate the drawing from 2D to a 3D slightly curve surface. That seems to make the model more attractive. I took some artistic license on the rivet lines as the kit's panels didn't quite match the drawings.

This kit is ancient. I re-fitted a Type 52 cockpit from Aire for Hasegawa kit into this. The difference between the two versions of the Zero isn't that big, so it is just some minor modifications like the number of dials on the left side panel. I added photo-etch parts for the flaps and added some wiring for the engine. I replaced the machine gun barrels with metal barrels.

I model this with the markings for Lt. Sumio Nono from the carrier Hiryu at Pearl Harbour's strike.
He was later shot down in 1942.

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10 responses

  1. You have created a beautifuk looking Zero, Thomas. @blkadr
    I specially like the applied weathering.
    It seems that you have mastered the riveting and re-scribing already.

  2. Thanks John. It was a fun experience. Some of the re-scribing line didn't show up well because I didn't make that cut wide enough. A good lesson learnt.

  3. Good effort, it really looks good. The added rivet lines and newly scribed panel lines seem to make the kit and the model more interesting to look at. I have re-scribed a few kits. Lots of work but in the end worth the effort. Again nice work.

  4. Thanks Walt. It is really quite a bit of work. The effort as you said is worth it. I have an old ESCI F-5E which I am thinking about re-scribing. I will take a slight break and do some armor before another plane.

  5. Your Zero looks great, Thomas @blkadr!
    All this extra effort of rescribing and reriveting you put at it really enhances the completed model looks.
    Well done, and onto the F-5 now!

  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    The kit could be old, but Thomas ... you just gave it new life!
    All your efforts really stand out. Sure the cockpit detail looks nice but the riveting and re-scribing looks great, nice work. Very good work on the weathering.

  7. Turned out great!

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