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Airfix Alpha Jet 1/72

September 30, 2020 · in Aviation · 8 ≡

They've been buzzing around the area for the last few days and I've been taking some pictures, so I decided to pull out the model and do a quick shoot.
I built this ages ago--probably '93. It was completely hand painted. I didn't keep the instructions so squadron info. is lacking.

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  1. A nice blast from the past.

  2. That's a lovely model, Phil @namregoob!
    Got the Heller Patrouille de France 1/72 version that I have to build soon for a French friend.
    Till now, the only work on the kit is my little son's diggin' in and moaning: "dad, I want to bulid it (he's 2.5 yo...)". So your sharing is a great inspiration!
    Your model should belong to JBG 49, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base.
    Thanks my friend for sharing this past memory with us!

  3. For such a small aircraft the hand painting is very nice, Phil.
    During my youth I hand painted my models as well, but from what I remember, they did not look that nice as yours.

    • I was happy with the results at the time. Later on I got a decent air brush and masking tape (3M) and developed those skills. I redid a lot of my older builds, but not this one.

  4. Very nice. I have the Belgian solo display model in the works from Heller.
    I am interested in How one re-paints models. I still am developing spray techniques with acrylics and some did not come out all that great. I still do better enamel paint and brush work but it is so toxic.
    That said I am working on the lesser desirable models to get the hang of it prior to building the big expensive models .
    Any tip on that is appreciated.
    Thanks you for showing.

    • Stripping and repainting a model aircraft (or any other type) can be difficult. A model that has been painted with acrylic can be cleaned with 90% rubbing alcohol. Lighter fluid can be used to clean off acrylic and enamel paint. Anything else will attack the plastic. In either case it is a great deal of work.(in my experience)

      The better plan is to obtain another kit and start fresh. Painting is a developed skill and it takes practice and time to get good results. Good masking materials and methods are important, and some good products are available. Setting up a painting booth with an exhaust system and good lighting is a good idea as well.

      Any books that you may find on the subject are worth getting. I had one called The Model-Building Handbook that was informative.

      I hope this will help you. Glad you like the model.

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