Eyes in the Sky…1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-15-I “Babs”, Imperial Japanese Army ” Tiger Squadron”

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My dad´s next finished Imperial Japanese subject and fifth contribution to the .
After four combat aircraft, this time a recon plane.
The very nice kit, fit is very good, except the one-piece canopy (the only canopy provided) didn´t sit that well in the rear area. Painted with Tamiya XF-14 JA Grey, XF-13 JA Green and XF-64 Red Brown. EZ Line for the antenna wire.
The kit has nice cockpit detail but sadly you don´t really see it afterwards.

Build thread here

18th Independant Company, Hankow Airfield, China, spring 1939

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  1. Great build and great job on all that canopy masking.

  2. Nice work, Reinhard. I love that kit.

  3. Beautiful, Reinhard.
    Canopy finish is perfect.
    Love this camo scheme.

  4. Excellent rare bird indeed. Also something different for a Japanese camo scheme as well. Really a nice build of a rarely seen Japanese early light bomber. A good reminder to get one for a future build and fill a few holes in my Japanese stable. thanks for sharing,.

  5. Excellent, Reinhard!
    And somehow "different" from the norm.
    Had the pleasure to follow this great build all along.

  6. Look up "1930's airplane" in the dictionary, (on the web, shows how old I am) they should have a picture of this one there.
    Beautifully done. Great camo job.

  7. Great camo, Reinhard (@grimreaper). Even in 1/48, this is a small airplane. Nice job on all that glass.

  8. Great result with this, I really like the overall look of the model. "Liked"

    I was looking at this kit at the LHS, and I think - given how the canopy opened to the side, that someone with steady hands and a good razor saw (but it you don't have these two items, fuggedaboutit) could cut the canopies and they could be posed open. But it would take some careful work.

  9. That's a beauty - love the scheme, and if I have one of these in my stash, I may mimic your dad's selection again! Man, with that long canopy, it looks like a bus with wings!

  10. It is hard to go past a 3 colour camouflage scheme.

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